Health Care Reform in the U.S.

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Health Care Reform in the US
Health care reform is a general term that is used for analyzing and discussing major health care changes and provisions. Most health care reforms are typically served with the responsibility of broadening the population so that they can receive adequate health care coverage through private or public insurance companies. Also they improve quality of existing health care system and decrease the cost (Weiner & Robert, 2009). The health care reform legislation act of 2009 is a bill that was enacted in USA to direct the health care insurance providers to draft and develop regulations in implementing a comprehensive policy aimed at providing effective and cheap insurance cover to all American citizens. Though beneficial to the public, since the bill was signed into law the implementation of the act has faced numerous economic, social and political challenges.
In addition, the political climate is such that real challenges appear to be emerging, including legal challenges at the state level (Farber & Blustein, 2007). Finally, polls are showing that voters are not yet on board. In fact, some voters are unaware that a health care reform bill had been passed. Therefore this paper Identifies and describes the major challenges to health care reform implementation and gives an analysis of how these challenges can be resolved.
Reasons and Recommendations for Health Care Reforms
There is minimal question regarding the need to restructure the America's health care system. Debate on health care reform in US generally includes the question of privileges to health care, fairness, quality, sustainability and amount of money spent by the federal government. Every year majority of people spend large sums of national proceeds on health care and the number of people lacking this health coverage is also increasing, regardless of the immense…...

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