High Employee Turnover in Government Agencies, Dfps as Case Study

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High Employee Turn Over in Department of Family Protective Services and How to Reduce Turnover: Fort Bend County As Case Study.
Leadership and Organization Behavior (MGMT-591)

A brief discussion about the Department of Family and Protective Services and the issue of high turnover of the workforce and suggestion on what the department can do further in ensuring workers retention becomes high. The agency is charged with one of the most difficult societal task and needs qualified and experience workforce in order to fulfil their mission and objectives. However in a world with many organization demanding the skills and services of may able bodied workforce it is becoming increasingly difficult for the agency to retain old workers and keep the new one at the agency. The paper looks at the agency from the eye on an insider and suggests some areas where the agency can focus its attention in ensuring workers stay and have a fulfilled career at the agency.

The department of family and planning services is one of the social services organization charged with keeping the family structure together and functional and to ensure the safety of children in the home. Its powers and legality are founded under the Texas family code. It’s an organization that strives to ensure the safety of all children from abuse and neglect while keeping the family structure together as much as possible without excessive governmental intrusion. I work as an investigator for this department. My journey in the department started six months back with class environment training and on the job training through shadowing tenure workers and observing direct application of policy in keeping the children safe in the home.

The major problem facing the agency today is the high turnover rate of employees. I am only six months into the job and I am already considered tenure worker because the…...

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