Hiring a New President

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Hiring the new President of BeWise College

For this exercise my group and I, we decided to hold the meeting for whom we were going to select for the vacant position of President of the college. We had picked this week to hold the entire process. The interviews were conducted Monday, the cuts were made Tuesday, Wednesday we held the second interview for the prospects we thought we best qualified, and today we held the meeting for making a decision for whom we think would be the best fit for the job. Friday is when we notify the individual we think would be best suited for the position and send out letters of apology to those who didn’t get selected. The initial process started with the team over at HR sent out the job description the Monday prior to the day of the interviews using very specific career websites such as Career Builder, Monster, Yahoo, just to name a few and our school website to bring in potential applicants for the job. The list of applications we had to go through was enormous; it was well over 100 potential individuals who sent in their resumes by that Thursday morning. By that afternoon there was a checklist made to whittle that number down to 20. On this particular Thursday we had only five candidates left to choose from. There are multiple ways of contacting everyone in the group and to ensure that the message was sent, every one of those methods of notifying was used. The decision was made to meet after the classes were done at the local All-You-Can-Eat buffet in town, Golden Carroll; reservations were made for 6:30 and the party size was for 12. The group was made up of the department directors; nursing, information technology, graphic design, electronics, business, criminal justice, dean of academics, registrar, directors of career services, finance, recruiting, and myself. Because I am the network system administrator for the I.T.…...

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