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market approach

book value: useless – assets are not at mkt value – they are at cost value book value doesn’t tell you the value of the good will or adjusted balance sheet technique not so good

best approach: market approach look at p/e ratio of as many similar companies
(see slides) p/e * earnings = value but also have to adjust for future earnings salary: over paying themselves – the difference goes back into earnings number want expenses back into the earnings adjust for future earnings adjust for potential contingent liability

structure a deal to protect yourself if there is a contingent liability what do you with inventory that is obsolete

how to deal with discrepancies to be fair to both sides

market approach

book value: useless – assets are not at mkt value – they are at cost value book value doesn’t tell you the value of the good will or adjusted balance sheet technique not so good

best approach: market approach look at p/e ratio of as many similar companies
(see slides) p/e * earnings = value but also have to adjust for future earnings salary: over paying themselves – the difference goes back into earnings number want expenses back into the earnings adjust for future earnings adjust for potential contingent liability

structure a deal to protect yourself if there is a contingent liability what do you with inventory that is obsolete

how to deal with discrepancies to be fair to both sides

market approach

book value: useless – assets are not at mkt value – they are at cost value book value doesn’t tell you the value of the good will or adjusted balance sheet technique not so good

best approach: market approach look at p/e ratio of as many similar companies
(see slides) p/e * earnings = value but also have to adjust for future earnings salary: over paying themselves – the difference goes…...

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...Behaviorally Anchored Rating Scales (BARS) Behaviorally Anchored Rating Scales(BARS) BARS refers to Behaviorally Anchored Rating Scales. It was developed by Smith and Kendall to provide a better method of rating employees. It differs from "standard" rating scales in one central respect, in that it focuses on behaviors that are determined to be important for completing a job task or doing the job properly, rather than looking at more general employee characteristics (e.g. personality, vague work habits). Behaviorally Anchored Rating Scales (BARS) are designed to bring the benefits of both qualitative and quantitative data to the employee appraisal process. BARS compare an individual’s performance against specific examples of behavior that are anchored to numerical ratings. For example, a level four rating for a nurse may require them to show sympathy to patients while a level six rating may require them to show higher levels of empathy and ensure this comes across in all dealings with the patient. There are different ways in effectively structuring a BARS system. They are 1. Identification of Critical Incidents: This step involves supervisors and other in authority identifying specific incidents of effective and unsatisfactory behavior. These incidents should be related to the job performance. 2. Selection of performance dimensions: These incidents are further dissected into performance dimensions. An average of 5 to 7 performance dimensions is ideal. This......

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...bringing big crowds in the bar is receiving negative feedbacks and complaints from the other loyal customers. According to them the Joey’s Bar is losing its exclusivity and business-like ambiance. The bar is also experiencing a lot of property damages which was the result of Saturday night events. This resulted to a significant drop of sales from the other days of the week. III. The Objective Formulate a feasible solution to address the problem stated and implement it as soon as possible in order for the problem not to worsen. The action should always be for the betterment of the company and provide a more profitable operation not just for the moment but also in the coming future. IV. Areas of Consideration 1. Before the Saturday Rock Live Project, managing Joey’s Bar was easy for Mr. Cortes. Two weeknights were considered “income generators”: the Tuesday Acoustic Night and the City Businessmen Friendship Circle Nights every Fridays. 2. During Acoustic Nights, Mr. Cortes would hire local acoustic performers and pay them P1,000.00 per night. The subtle crowd (mostly ladies) would feast with light food, light beer and ladies’ drinks. It was a perfect place for couples, officemates and afterschool ladies’ hang-out. 3. Friday was Mr. Cortes’ important night of the week: The City Businessmen Friendship Circle Night, a group of local businessmen at their 50’s who are quite influential in the local business scene, considered Joey’s Bar their favorite hang-out.......

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...BarsFake Patty's Day 2012 FAKE PATTY'S COVER / WRISTBAND INFO 1. There is no cover to enter Aggieville. You will not be ID'd to get into Aggieville. 2. Majority of the bar owners voluntarily paid $3 for every person their bars hold to the Aggieville Business Association. This money will be used to pay extra expenses for the event.  Example: Johnny Kaw's holds 437 people = $1311 paid to ABA. 3. All the owners who voluntarily paid money to the ABA to help with extra expenses have agreed to charge cover. 4. There is not one wrist band for all the bars in Aggieville. Each owner will be charging their own cover for their bars. 5. Listed below are the bars/bar conglomerates that are charging cover to the best of our knowledge. These groups/bars have one wristband to enter all their bars. Group 1: Johnny Kaw’s, Shot Stop, Bomb Bar and Chuggers (use to be ale house) (3 wristbands for $10 pre-sale) ($5 day of event) (Purple Wristbands) Group 2: Kite’s & Rusty’s Last Chance  (3 wristbands for $10 pre-sale) ($5 day of event) (White Wristbands) Group 3: Tubby’s, Fat’s & Doughboys  (3 wristbands for $10 pre-sale) ($5 day of event) (Green Wristbands) Group 4: Porters, Drinx, O’Malleys & Salty Rim  (1 wristband for $5 pre-sale) ($10 day of event) (Silver Wristbands) Other Bars: (This information is to the best of our knowledge) So Long: $5 day of  1863: $5 day of  Mojos : $5 day of  Auntie Mae’s: $5 day of  Kathouse & Aggie Station:......

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