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Historical Report on Race


May 5, 2013

Historical Report on Race Paper

African American

During the mid-1500’s, European mariners started bringing African people to America as slaves. These individuals were forced in this movement from one area to another, over long distances or in large groups to be slaves. At this time slaves were traded, with that the slave trade was not new to Europe or Africa. These slaves were traded during the eighth century by Moorish merchants as merchandise throughout the Mediterranean. The West African people kept slaves. West African slaves were usually prisoners of war, criminals, or the lowest-ranked members based on their birth. (Constitutional Rights Foundation, 2013). Once in America, slaves were auctioned off to owners, which often times punished them harshly. These auctions broke up families by selling off family members, however, slaves managed to develop a strong cultural identity.

The political, social, and cultural issue throughout American history is poor, black, and is an American. According to McCray (1994), “The repository for the culture of any people is the family, and in the African-American family resiliency, adaptability, and sheer strength are primarily responsible for this group's survival in an alien and hostile environment. The strength of African-American people is found within. Within the family, within its segregated communities and churches, and within the individual.” (pp. 1-3).

McCray (1994), from a social development perspective, it is a must to nurture new relationships of power, dignity, and opportunity for all. However, as people we must all look at ourselves and seek to understand our personal motivations, expectations and responses. According to DuBois (1969), "The most difficult stage in the struggle for justice in America will be reached when it is clear that…...

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