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Belief in God
Faith in God needs to be in your mind, body and soul to help you understand your belief in God. It is not enough to grow up among a family who just believes in God, without practice. I did not know how to believe in God, and did not care for this issue. As it was hard to believe in something unseeable, and untouchable. But after I grew up and began to read books, I changed my mind and no believe in God whole heartedly.
When I was 16 years old, my uncle called me an atheist, although I was not a complete atheist. Then he invited me to visit and pray in the Mosque with him. He started to teach me some facts about the nature, how it created life, and who was responsible of all this. He tried to change my beliefs. I think he succeeded to convince me that there is a God created this world.
Good friends have a significant impact on human behavior. Also, the age of human has a great influence. Whenever, human progress age, his mind became aware of a lot of things like faith. My friends have had an impact on what I thought when I was a teenager. My friends have had an impact on what I thought when I was a teenager. They were advising me to go with them to the mosque, so that God will forgive my sins. They have convinced me and changed my thinking.
Reading books, learning about the features of this universe, and thinking about how this world created, certainly will change your mind. Reading books develops the mind of the individual. Some books contain facts no one tells us about them; these facts may have a significant impact on the reader. Actually when I read religious books, I changed my mind, and became a believer in God.
I did not know the meaning of belief. But, after I grew up, I now have a better understanding to believe in god. Advice of my parents and relatives, have made me realize the existence of God, and its importance that has changed my…...

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