Home Appliance Industry-Designing a Hr System for a Changing Industry

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Home Appliance Industry
Designing an HR system for a changing industry
Gwendolyn Hill, Cheolhyun Park, and Kexin Xu
May 7, 2012
Professor Lepak, HR IV

Table of Contents I. Industry Trend & Major Business Implications 3 II. Clear explanation of the impact on managing people 4 1. Employee Competencies 5 2. Motivation/Effort 8 3. Opportunities to Contribute (Work Design) 9 III. Ideal HR System 10 1. Work Design & Workforce Planning 10 2. Managing Employee Competencies 12 3. Managing Employee Attitudes & Behaviors 14 IV. Major Hurdles & Strategies to Overcome Them 17 Bibliography 19

I. Industry Trend & Major Business Implications Home appliance industry includes manufactures of household cooking appliances, laundry machine, refrigerator, dishwasher, water heater, and other household appliances. Like other retail industry, household appliance manufacturing business had hard time with recent recession. Especially fallen housing market directly affects the industry because people generally purchase new appliances for new homes. Moreover, cost of raw material and labor as well as government regulations for energy efficiency product raised price of product. Consequently, industry revenue and employment growth rate were below zero in past five years. According to IBIS industry report, in US market, Whirlpool has 43.8% market share and AB Electrolux and General Electric has approximately 20.7% and 17.1% market share respectively. LG Electronics is a new competitor, which has 9.7% market share. (Gotaas) In the past, household appliances were called as white goods because most products had white color for pointing out cleanness and neatness. Similarly, TV and radio were called as brown goods. As TV and radio…...

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