How Could Workers Inc Improve Its Csr

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Question: how could Workers Inc. improve its corporate social responsibility?

As an employment agency Workers Inc acts as one part of the triumvirate acting as the employers /workers representative, and the employer and worker. Underhill has identified that labour staff and in particular those who are employed through employment agencies ie casually ‘are injured more often and more seriously’ (Underhill, 2004). As a socially responsible employer and a hirer of staff working in trades Workers Inc has put in place an Occupational Health and Safety (OSH) policy and a Rehabilitation Policy in order ‘to provide a structured workplace programme where practicable, to promote and support staff rehabilitation in partnership with health professional, case managers and Workers Inc clients’ (website).

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) however spreads not only through employment practices but through ethical and managerial decisions. It could be argued that Workers Inc has a vested interest in providing good OSH since the worker is its commodity. The main principles of CSR are to provide :

CSR is also important in terms of image (Polonsky & Jevens, 2006, p341) and what it brings to the community as well as how it might enhance the brand image. This branding can lead stakeholders to have a series of expectations which are not always in line with the intent, for example, organisations that jump on the bandwagon of CSR in order to promote themselves do not always provide an altruistic benefit to the community in which they serve (ibid).

Workers Inc’s existing CSR policy appears to be focused on the immediate issue of worker sustainability that is ensuring that the worker is fit for work through a set of OSH and Rehabilitation policies. However they might broaden the scope of CSR by becoming involved in community events, partnering with non corporate and…...

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