How to Manage Time for College

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How to Manage Your Time
Tisha Wingate
ITT Technical Institute

How to Manage Your Time During a person’s life, the need to prioritize their time at one point or another is a necessity. Having deadlines with work, children’s after-school activities, family life and/or illnesses, and going back to school; all of these situations call for a better scheduling of time. This paper will be focusing on managing time to go back to school for most adults using Stephen Covey’s articles about time management. As adults, having a set routine to get through the day is very helpful. However, when adding college into the mix, everything can feel out of kilter and overwhelming. If a day-to-day or a monthly calendar/schedule was at a person’s fingertips, and it was setup to show all aspects of their life’s responsibilities, much of the stress could disappear. Stephen Covey was a world-renowned author of time management in today’s world. During his life, he wrote numerous articles and books that covered how to schedule a person’s time to assist in making the most of every minute in their life count properly. His book entitled The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, if one follows will help turn completely disorganized and overwhelmed people into a fully-functional-know- what-I-am-doing organized and on-top-of-each-situation person. Starting with the most important habit, Be Proactive, which means to be prepared for the unseen and being able to adjust to what life throws at a person. Unforeseen situations can cause a kink in the world, but one can be ready for almost anything by being proactive. If a deadline or paper/assignment is due on a specific date, have the work done ahead of time in case of an emergency or whatever life throws into the mix. In other words, be prepared. The second habit of Covey’s is to begin with the end in mind. Visualize what is to be…...

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