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How to Utilize Your Bread Machine?

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Hi Hanna!
I started to write down the recipe in email, when I realized it would be rather lengthy and hard to understand, so I decided to comprise a document with instructions and pictures that makes the process easily reproducible.
Hope you can make a delicious bread!!


560 gramm flour
310 ml water
3 tablespoon of oil
1 tablespoon of sugar
2 TEAspoon of salt
1 sachet of yeast
(Make sure you exatly measure the flour and the water, as for these two items the recipe is very sensitive to.)
I tried to find some similar images from other breadmaschines to help you understand better.
First you need to learn how to take out and put back in the teflon covered baking bowl. Turn the bowl a little bit, then use the handle to lift if out. (see image removebowl)
Figure 1 Remove bowl

Find the metal pin at the bottom of the bowl and put the stir paddle on in. Than put back the bowl into the machine and attach it to the bottom of the machine by turning the bowl a little bit. It should look like image bowl_with_stirpaddle.
Figure 2 bowl with stir paddle

Put 310 ml of water to the bottom of the baking bowl. Wait until the water surface is flat. (see image water_in_breadmachine)
Figure 3 water in bread machine

Than carefully add the 560gramm flour. Make sure you evenly distribute the flour ON THE TOP OF THE WATER. Make sure, the water and the flour DO NOT MIX. The flour has to float on the top of the water.(see image flour in breadmachine)\
Figure 4 Flour in breadmachine

After this you have to use your three fingers the make 4 SHALLOW holes in the flour. The holes are located at the 4 corners of the baking bowl. Make sure that the holes DO NOT REACH DOWN TO THE WATER. We will use these 4 holes to add the rest of the ingredients 1. Sugar, 2 Yeast, 3 Oil, 4 Salt (see image ingredients_to_corners)

Figure 5 Ingredients in corners

Now, every ingredient is in the breadmachine (see image ready to start).
Figure 6 Ready to start

You have to shut the lid of the machine. It simply closes down, does not lock. (you can open it anytime to see what is happening inside.)
Connect the bread machine to power. First you have to select the program. I used to use Program 6, that is Express Bread, because it only takes about 1.5 hours to make. Use the PROGRAM button to enter 6. (See image button_english)
Figure 7 Buttons English

Then use WEIGHT button to enter 900g. Use COLOR button, to set it to DARK. (You can all follow these on the display)
Figure 8 Display

Then you have to push START button to start the machine. When you push START button, Hour and Minute will appear on the display (hh:mm). This time will continue to countdown until 0:00 when your bread will be ready. After pushing the START button, don't be surprised if the machine does not seem to do anything. First it heats up for a few minutes and only starts kneading the bread after that. When you hear the machine starts kneading, go and look if the stirring paddle in the middle actually moves around. It will knead the bread for at least half an hour. When it is done kneading you will have a nice piece of more or less round dough in the machine. See image (dough_ready).
Figure 9 Dough Ready

After that the machine will add heat for the yeast to rise the bread. After the bread has risen it will look like image (Risen Bread_before_baking).
Figure 10 Risen Bread before baking

Then the machine will add more heat to start baking. When the clock reaches 0:00 the machine will beep, signing the bread is ready. However since we used a Express Program the bread won't be ready yet. We would need some extra baking to be done. So you will need to push the START button for 4seconds and set the machine to program 12 (that is extra baking). Make sure you monitor the bread color and see how much time it takes until it reaches the color you like. It usually took me about 20-30 minutes extra baking when it was ready. Say after 30 minutes the bread is ready, so you simply push START button for 4 seconds, and pull the machine from the plug. Your bread should look like image bread_ready

Figure 11 Bread ready

. Now you have to be careful removing the baking bowl because it is very hot. Get some thick gloves and take out the baking bowl like in the beginning.
Put it on a heat resistant surface with a kitchen cloth on the surface. Turn the baking bowl upside down, so the bread is facing towards the surface. Now you need to use a thick cloth to get hold of other side of stirring paddle. Try to turn it around while shaking the baking bowl so the bread will fall out. It should look like image bread_out.

Figure 12 bread out

Now wait for 10 minutes for the bread to cool down. After this you will need to remove the stirring paddle from the back of the bread. There is a special tool you need to stick to the hole on the bread and pull out the paddle. See image remove_stirpaddle.
Figure 13 Remove stir paddle

You might want to wait an other 10 minutes for the bread to cool because it makes it difficult to cut when it is still hot. Now finally your bread is ready to eat. ENJOY!!!!

Figure 14 ENJOY!!!

There are also some other programs on the machine you can experiment with. The reason I wrote down this one, is because I always used this as this is the fastest. Anyway I send you the translation of the other programs in case you want to try.
1. Simple bread
2. Frech bread
3. Whole wheat bread
4. Fast bread
5. Sweet bread
6. Express Bread I
7. Express Bread II
8. Kneading and rising
9. Jam
10. Cake
11. European bread
12. Extra baking…...

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