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“The Hunger Games” Film Review

New York Times, John Green- “Brilliantly plotted and perfectly paced”

Film Name: The Hunger Games
Genre: Dystopian Fiction
Director’s Name: Gary Ross
Adapted From The Novel and Author: “The Hunger Games” by Suzanne Collins

Plot Summary

The story takes place in a post-apocalyptic North America, known as the new country of “Panem”, with a government known as, “The Capitol”- a metropolis, that exercises political control over its society. The Capitol has an annual event, “The Hunger Games” to remind the citizens of Panem of the “Dark Days”, and to ensure that they never return. The story begins in a poor, coal-mining district, following a young 16-year old girl, Katniss Everdeen and her fellow tribute, Peetah Mellark.

Critical Review
In “The Hunger Games”, “Katniss Everdeen”, who was played by Jennifer Lawrence, was portrayed exceptional well. Not only does Jennifer’s appearance resemble all of those of Katniss, her attitude does as well. Instantly, you find yourself attached to Katniss and her family, as you feel sympathetic towards their poverty and situation. After you see Katniss volunteer as tribute for her sister at “The Reaping”, you automatically set your hopes high for her to win the games. Throughout the film, you feel all of the same emotions as Katniss, her fear at the beginning of the games, her miss-trust in everyone around her, and her relief when finally winning the games.
“Peetah Mellark”, played by Josh Hutcherson, I do not think was played very well. Throughout the film I could not get a grasp of what Peetah was thinking or feeling. During “The Reaping” you could see the fear in his eyes but could not feel it. As the story mostly follows Katniss I did not get much of a feel for Peetah. Near the end of the film you begin to feel more connected with Peetah as he starts to express his true feelings…...

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...The Hunger Games Setting The Hunger Games is this first novel in a series of three written by Suzanne Collins in 2008. Katniss Everdeen, one of the stories main characters, lives in the country of Panem. Throughout the course of novel Katniss is in different places such as District 12 and the Capitol. Panem is the country where Katniss lives with her family. This country is split into thirteen different districts. Katniss and eight thousand others call District 12 their home. District 12 is a very poor coal mining district. Katniss referred to District 12 as “where you can starve to death in safety.” This lets us know that it is a very poor area to live in considered the residents are struggling to put food on the table. It was extremely hard to find food in there, and many families lived in poverty. The part of District 12 that Katniss lives in is known as the Seam, which is where the coal-miners live and work. The Seam is located on the border of District 12 next to a forest. District 12 is enclosed by a high chain-link fence topped with barbwire. The electric fence is used a deterrent to predators that live in the woods. The merchant area in District 12 is a step up from the Seam. The mayor and his daughter, along with other families such as Peeta Mellark's, lived in the merchant area and are well-off for District 12. It was mentioned by Katniss that the merchants "lived above their businesses," suggesting that the merchants' homes doubled as their shops as well.......

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...English 102 16 October 2012 Comparison of The Hunger Games & Roman Gladiators The similarities between the Hunger Games and the times of Roman Gladiators are hard to miss. The Hunger Games are that in itself a game. In both the Gladiator fights and the Hunger Games the fighters and tributes were taken by force and were left with no choice but to take part in the games. The games occur annually and it is set up by the Capitol to show the other 12 districts of Panem that the Capitol rules over them and they are in charge. It also serves as a reminder to the price of rebellion against the Capitol. The hunger games consist of twenty-four teenagers, a male and a female from each twelve districts and that range in ages of twelve to eighteen. They are put in an arena and have to battle each other in a gruesome battle until there is one survivor that will be declared the winner. The Roman Gladiator games are held multiple times throughout the year at festivals, funerals, and for mere entertainment. The games served a number of purposes in roman society like the education of roman values and even as a means of social control. These public 2 executions were gruesome reminders to citizens that if they betrayed their country, rebelled, or were convicted of serious crimes the punishment would be to serve in the gladiator games. In some sense the games helped keep order within the cities. In The Hunger Games every move the tributes made was being recorded and......

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...THE HUNGER GAMES The Hunger Games is about Katniss Everdeen a 16 years old girl, who lived in Panem. Katniss decided to volunteer for the Hunger Games in order to replace her younger sister. The annual event "Hunger Games" selected one boy and one girl from each of the twelve districts of the Capitol to compete in a battle until only one individual remains. Peeta and Katniss were chosen from the same district and were instructed to determine the strengths and weaknesses of the other tributes. When Peeta had the oppurtunity to kill Katniss he instead decided to save her even though he joined the tributes from the richer districts. Midway throughout the game, a rule was changed which allowed Katniss and Peeta to win the Hunger Games as a couple. When they remained the last two surviving tributes, the rule was reverse to force them to kill the other in order to win the game. The Hunger Games' grim, futuristic setting, gritty realism and thrilling plot was a refreshing change from the slightly overplayed genre of fantasy. I had to admit that when I first started reading this book, I wasn't sure if I liked it or not since the scene was being set and nothing much happened in the first few chapters, but by the time I've reached the end I was engaged in this gripping book. The novel struck many themes: teenage anguish, love, work, poverty, etc and was an easy and quick read full of action. The author built a fantastical and believable world with a story that......

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...In the post-apocalyptic future of The Hunger Games, the country is ruled by a totalitarian, fascist government. The government conducts these annual games as a reminder of what power they hold over its citizens. This film can be analyzed sociologically, for there are many examples of class conflict, ideology and whether the film can potentially happen to our future. In the film The Hunger Games it shows a prime example of class conflict and social class. According to Naiman the development of social classes inevitably leads to what is referred to as class conflict or class struggle. The reason the struggle occurs is because the interests of the owning and producing classes are in direct opposition to each other, since the greater amount of surplus that goes to one class, the less the amount that goes to the other (Naiman, 2012, p. 63-64). In the film we can see that the characters are struggling to survive in a cruel social order which is ruled by the wealthy elite. The elite are known to have power over the serfs. For instance, the fascist state of Panem is ruled by the Capitol in which the wealthy enjoy the profits created by the impoverished citizens of 12 districts. The citizens are so poor some of them try and buy grain and oil to increase their children’s chances of being chosen in the annual reaping. The annual reaping is an anti-lottery that children from each district are selected to fight to the death. The protagonist Katniss is more politically aware than the......

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...Pwint Professor Prescott English 3 03 05 2013 The Capitalist Capitol versus Desolate District 12 Suzanne Collins’ 2008 book The Hunger Games is about a fictional country that has a reality entertainment show in which boys and girls, two from each of twelve districts, are forced to murder each other until only one is left. In 2012, director Gary Ross adapted Collins’ book into a film. On the surface, both the book and the film version of The Hunger Games seem to be just a form of entertainment. However, if one interprets the two analytically, they are criticizing the inequalities and power abuse in our own capitalist society. Capitalism creates wealth and power inequalities, often leading to the rich abusing the poor. In The Hunger Games, the rich entertain themselves with the blood battle of the poor. Though Ross conveys the inequalities and power abuse mentioned in the book, he also adapts some scenes to make this message easier for the audience to understand. While Collins heavily relies on detailed descriptions and Katniss’ narration to give the message that capitalism forms inequalities and power abuse, Ross uses more visual contrasts to make the film more appealing while portraying the same message. Inequalities in Panem can be vividly seen in the differences in food, clothing and housing between the rich Capitol and the desolate District 12 in both the book and the film. Collins use clear descriptions to portray these discrepancies in capitalism while Ross......

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...from you family and friends? Been forced into a game where to stay alive is the only way to win? That is what the hunger game is. A violent game that 24 contestants are chosen to fight one another and the winner will never have to work again. In the Hunger games Suzanne Collins uses characterization to show how Katniss uses survival techniques the love for her family and friends and tested her trust to the people around her. The love Katniss show in the book is very relevant right at the beginning of the book when Prim, Katniss younger sister, is choose to be in the hunger games. Katniss’s love for her sister propels her to volunteer and take Prim’s place in the Hunger Games. She knows that if she goes into the hunger games she will die but does it anyway. Katniss doesn’t just love her sister she also loves her mom, the town she lives in, and a boy named Gale. She desprentaly want to go home once she leaves and fights for her freedom to go home throughout the book. Her relationship with gale is confusing to her but reader know that she loves him “Finally, Gale is here and maybe there is nothing romantic between us, but when he opens his arms I don't hesitate to go into them” (Collins 38) She tries to deny it but readers should be able to figure it out. Katniss knows how to survive and survival is the key factor to winning the hunger games. From the beginning you know that Katniss can hunt and this helps win the hunger games but survival is not just hunting its being......

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...What’s a world without love? Love is around us all day; love is the reason why 1most of us were born. Name one person who doesn’t love another, it is not possible. In the novel, The Hunger Games, Katniss and Peeta survived off love while sent to the hunger games arena to fight for their lives .Also, in another novel, Anthem by Any Rand Equality 7-2521 and Liberty 5-3000 lived in a dystopian society where love was forbidden where they lived. In the novels The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins and Anthem by Ayn Rand readers will see the main characters differences and similarities of how love bought them together. Have you ever heard the saying “love will make you do crazy things?” In both novels Katniss and Equality 7-2521 love made them do crazy things. “And you find yourself rooting for lovers who literally kill themselves to stay alive” Katniss and Peeta fought against twelve other districts just to stay alive. Katniss and Peeta were both from the same district, but was love enough to keep them both alive? Equality was born in a dystopian society everything was meant to be “perfect” so apart of their perfect life love wasn’t in it. Equality 7-2521 was a different boy. He was always smarter than the others but since everyone was the same he hid his advance knowledge that he had. “We wish to write this name. We wish to break but we dare not speak it above whisper.” For men is forbidden to take notice in woman.” This is the type of world characters from Anthem lived......

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...James Ekstrom 11/15/15 Rough Draft Suzanna Collins novel The Hunger Games, makes a bold claim regarding the role of government and media in everyday life. Collins uses a totalitarian government, exaggerated economic class systems, and a futuristic setting in order to portray the potentially threatening possibilities of what could happen with our obsession with reality television. Collins uses a totalitarian government to call attention to how powerful our government can be if we become even less involved in political activities to show just how helpless we are against such a power. In The Hunger Games, there are twelve districts in total that succumb to the will of the Capitol; a very harsh and cruel government. The districts must listen to each and every law and order that is given to them. Failure to comply with the Capitol’s rules could potentially end up in an execution of many people or worse. The destruction of the districts. There was a thirteenth district, but because of the uprising beforehand, the Capitol decided to annihilate them in order to show the districts their superiority over them and to also show what’ll happen if another uprising appears again. This is seen when the main character, Katniss Everdeen, speaks out her mind about the Capitol: “Taking the kids from our districts, forcing them to kill one another while we watch – this is the Capitol’s way of reminding us how totally we are at their mercy. How little chance we would stand surviving another......

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...Eng 104 The book The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins can be described as an intertwining story of love and survival. Katniss, the unlikely heroine, volunteers to take her sister’s place in the annual Hunger Games, a blood bath between two tributes of each of the twelve districts fighting to be the last one standing. As a tribute from the coal district Katniss sets ablaze the Games with her sacrificing herself for her family and her budding romance with her fellow tribute, Peeta. To Katniss the romance is all part of an act. Through her perspective the fact Peeta truly loves her is not thoroughly recognized but it becomes obvious as the story progresses. Peeta and Katniss' interactions begin before they both became tributes in the Hunger Games. Katniss relives their unspoken moment often throughout the book and even questions Peeta about his motives for giving her the bread when they were kids. "I say. 'Why did you, anyway?' 'Why? You know why,' Peeta says. I give my head a slight, painful shake. 'Haymitch said you would take a lot of convincing.' 'Haymitch?' I ask. 'What's he's got to do with it?'" (Collins 293) The childhood moment, for Peeta, symbolizes that even then his feelings seem evident and yet Katniss does not make that connection. She does recall his demeanor in school, "And more than once, I have turned in the school hallway and caught his eyes trained on me, only to quickly flit away" (Collins 32). The stolen glimpses went unnoticed......

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...Throughout the novel The Hunger Games, the author makes powerful statements about consumerism and commodity culture, privacy and performance. Consumerism is portrayed in the name of Katniss’s district. While commodity culture is seen in the Hunger Games, the portrayal of the Capitol and it’s residences. Statements about privacy are made whenever Katniss has to be aware of what she’s saying. Examples of performance are seen in Katniss throughout the entire novel. A big example of consumerism in the novel is the nickname given to Katniss’s district. In the beginning of the book Katniss says, “Our part of District 12, nicknamed the Seam, is usually crawling with coal miners” (4). It is also mentioned in the book that District’s 12 main exports to the capitol is coal. By definition a “coal seam” is a single layer of coal in the ground, while a “coal bed” is many seams stacked on top of one another. There is more coal located in a bed, meaning more coal can be mined from it. Katniss even says, “The people before us mined coal as well. So the miners need to go deep in order to mine anything”. That paints a picture of manifest destiny. The Capitol believes there is always going to be more coal or something better if they keep having District 12 mine deeper and deeper. But based on District 12’s nickname and what that nickname means, there might not be as much coal available, as the Capitol would like to believe. Commodity culture is very prominent in the Capitol as......

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... For Katniss and Peeta, it’s real. For them, these are the Hunger Games. Only three rules: Don’t step off your plate before the gong rings, don’t insult the Capitol, and don’t get killed. With twenty-three other teenagers out to kill you, you can’t afford to trust anyone. Or can you? That’s what sixteen-year-old Katniss Everdeen thinks when she volunteers for her twelve-year-old sister, Prim. Trust no one. Come back alive. Those are her only priorities. When Katniss enters the arena, her original plan is to run, run, run as fast as she possibly can away from the Cornucopia-- A giant, gleaming dome filled with weapons, food, water, and other supplies. She doesn’t want to enter the bloodbath-- The beginning of the Games so nicknamed because of brutal battles that take place over the supplies the Cornucopia holds. One item changes everything, though: A gleaming bow. Her ideal weapon. The bow... It could buy her food and defense. It could be the very key to her survival. And, after all, how hard can it be to get one bow? Apparently, very. After all is said and done, Katniss ends up in a tree for the night, exhausted and weaponless. She was only able to acquire a backpack containing a sleeping bag, a bit of food, and an empty water canteen. After hardships such as tracker jackers (deadly insects similar to hornets or wasps), a forest fire, and her only ally dying, the Game-makers make an announcement: If two tributes are from the same......

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