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Marketing Report 1. Internal analysis
At present,they have over 340 stores in Australia, 900 managers and over 18,000 crew members to run the day-to-day operations.The first shop was opened in 1971.It is the exclusive Australian master fast food franchisee of burger king corporation.The name of burger king was already trademarked by a takeaway food shop in Adelaide.From 2009 to 2010 financial year,the sales was $1.043 billion and after tax profit was $3.21 million.The promotions of Hungry Jack`s are advertising,focus on Australia and sponsorship of AFL&NRL.Hungry Jacks has mini burgers,whopper and spicy chicken tendergrill as its popular products.The place is more as merely a place to eat and price is similar as other compertitors. 2. Desired positioning
The perceptual map demonstrates that HJ has the biggest differentiation and still good price for it`s world cup series.But the other companies` products are similar as before during the world cup season.There are some differences and competitive advantages of our new products.First is diversification. Australia is an immigrant country,people from different countries has different cultural and certainly different tasts.The world cup burgers have 5 different flavor which represent every country.The one who comes from this country will interested in and buy it.On the other hand,people who likes the team will buy the burger as well for supporting their team.Second is novelty.Australia fast food companies never made the theme meal,most people can be attracted by new things.Third is advance with the times.World cup must be the most popular topic during these few weeks.It`s fantastic to get people`s emotion and food together.Last but not least,the meal will set as special price and play TV live show of world cup in store to attract customers.Moreover,after world cup,the most popular burger will be selected for…...

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