Improving the Relationships Between Police and the Communities They Serve

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While not all communities have a negative relationship with their local police, some do and this can have a negative impact on the criminal justice system as a whole. These negative relationships can be present for a variety of reasons but the main reasons I have seen are officer misconduct and agency lethargy. As police officer it is very important that we build our relationships with the communities we serve. We must strive to do everything we can on our part to help these relationships grow positively. Two ways we can start this is by investigating all complaints of officer misconduct and by treating every call for service as a priority. If we all work together to bring our communities and their local police together, our jobs as well as the peoples trust in us will benefit (Culbertson, 2000).
The Problems
Officer misconduct is a primary cause of bad relations between police and their communities. This misconduct can consist of acts ranging from plain rudeness to excessive force. Each officer is responsible for their own set of ethics and morals. Choosing to act in way that brings shame to oneself or the department the officer works for is unacceptable and should be dealt with swiftly and harshly. When an officer chooses to use force that is not necessary, he is putting himself in danger and also endangering the community he works with. Discretion must be used in every incident where force may be necessary. In a recent article by Associated Press in Lehigh Valley, a New Jersey state trooper has been accused of using excessive force against a civilian during a traffic stop back in 2009 (Associated Press, 2012). This type of officer misconduct is not good for the reputation of police nationwide or for improving the relationships between police and their communities. This type of conduct causes local communities to fear their police officers rather…...

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