In What Way Has Science and Technology Advanced Medicine Since 1750 (12 Marks)

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In what way has science and technology advanced medicine since 1750 (12 marks)
Science and technology has advanced medicine since 1750 because of the discovery of DNA. James Watson and Crick started working together on studying the structure of DNA whilst at the same time Maurice Wilkins and Rosland Franklin in London were using X-ray diffraction to study DNA. Crick and Watson used their findings on their own research and in April 1953 they published the news of their discovery, a molecular structure of the DNA based on all of its features. Their model served to explain how DNA replicates and how hereditary information is coded on it. This set the stages for rapid advances in molecular biology which continues until this day. In the other partnership with Rosland and Franklin, Franklin produced an X-ray photo that allowed Crick and Watson to work out the 3D structure of DNA. The structure of the DNA was found to be a double helix. Watson, Crick and Wilkins shared a Nobel peace prize in medicine in 1962. Franklin had died in 1958 and despite her hard work the prize could not be received posthumously.
Another way in which science and technology advanced medicine since 1750 was the development of penicillin. In 1928, Alexander Fleming whilst studying influenza noticed that mold had developed accidently and completely by chance on a set of culture petri dishes used to grow staphylococci germ. The mold on the petri dishes created a bacteria free circle around itself. He then experimented further and made the mold into some sort of medicine and named the substance penicillin. Fleming wrote down his discovery and published it. However, Fleming did not realize the potential of this remarkable discovery of a drug. Therefore, no further research was carried out due to lack of funding and specialist help. Howard Florey and Ernest Chain decided to further develop Fleming’s…...

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