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Analyse the ways history and memory generate compelling and unexpected insights. In your response, you must make detailed reference to your prescribed text and at least one other related text.
Through history, documented evidence of past events, and memory, personal recollections of the past, a representation is conveyed. The perspective of the representation of the history and memory of events ultimately shapes the responder’s understanding of the event. This is evident on the Smithsonian website of American History, ‘Bearing Witness to History’ and Richard Drew’s photograph, ‘The Falling Man’, where the responders are exposed to different language forms and features that generate compelling and unexpected insights into the events of September 11.
The Smithsonian website of American History, ‘Bearing Witness to History’, allows the responders to develop compelling and unexpected insights into the events of September 11 through a perspective built on American values. The homepage of the website adopts a muted and neutral colour scheme, creating a sensitive atmosphere to memorialise those who lost their lives. The respect created for those affected suggests that even now, more than a decade later after the event, individuals are still suffering and the pain and anguish created by the event is enduring. The title of the website September 11: Bearing Witness to History’ is in present tense, which implies that the history of this specific event is an ongoing process that is still being recorded. The dynamic nature of history and memory is unexpected as our perceptions of these aspects are subverted in this site. The hyperlink ‘Tell Your Story’, invites the responder to personally reflect on the events of September 11, this may trigger many emotional traumas that the event has caused on many individuals and the submission of their memory contributes to the history…...

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