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A Person Who Has Had 
 An Impact On Me By
Michael J Sequeira It all began when I was with my girlfriend. We just got back from a date and I was driving her back home. This was one of our first dates together it was just a simple date I took her out to a movie and some dinner. When we got to her house, her parents invited me inside and we started to talk. Edgar, her father, started to talk to me and ask me questions about myself. He asked me questions about my future and where I wanted to go in life. After talking a while, we found out we were very much alike and had similar interest. Ever since that day, I grew very close to him and looked up to him very much.
My relationship with Tayler was very different, strange even. The last thing a teenager would like to do is spend time with his girlfriend's parents, but this was actually pretty great. I loved her family, her mother is amazing. Also when I was with her father, I felt like I was hanging out with an older version of myself. I consider myself someone who is outgoing and funny and loves to have a good time and he is the same way just older. We get along so well that Tayler and I go on double dates with them frequently. We even text every single day to keep in touch with each other. There is always something to talk about with Edgar if he's not sending funny videos to my phone we talk about college or things that are going on at home and with his wife.
I look up to Edgar very much. Whenever I am struggling with anything I know I can come to him and ask for his advice. There is times when he knows I am going through a hard time if it has to do with his daughter or even college he helps me in many ways. He just takes me out to eat or we go to the park by the house to play some basketball to clear my head. It doesn't matter what question I ask him or what advice I need he always has the answer and makes…...

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