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International Expansion

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International Expansion Many companies today want to expand their business to the international business, which can bring cost down and profits up. Taking a business internationally means knowing the rules and regulations of the countries you are entering. There can be many issues with going global which include cultural barriers, diversity issues, multicultural issues, political issues, and economical issues. It is very important to know how important expansion is to the company and what implications will come from going global. Some of the issues that can arise in the host foreign country could face as a result of a global expansion are provisions for the occupant of good health, decent education, opportunities for promotion, decent house, employment, adequate income, and personal and national security. One benefit to the other nations is the rapidly expanding internet, which holds promise for developing nations. Its capabilities include communication and information delivery made easier and faster, and the nations gain from the revolution. However, the same benefits for developing nations are not the same in developed nations where transportation and communications are already established. These benefits serve all sectors of society such as education, government, science, health, and technology. These computers and networks are technologies that have to be absorbed and utilized in an internal and external way. The internal factors can include physical and human resource foundations already within the country which is also determined by the state of development and rate of growth. The external factors can include the suppliers who are willing to do business within the country and the assistance that would be directed towards the transfer of technology (Sadowshy, 1996). The cultural barriers and diversity issues that can be…...

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