International Trade Simulation and Report

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International Trade Simulation and Report
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May 07, 2012
Dr. Holscraft International Trade Simulation and Report Over the last few years the United States of America has been in an economic crisis. The economy has been affected badly by layoffs, factories closing down, and corporations needing bail outs. Whenever there is a high unemployment rate the economy heavily affected by the large number of lost laborers. Without laborers and factories to produce goods and services international trade becomes affected. International trade not only helps the United States economy but, also it helps the global economy as well. International trade provides numerous advantages to the United States economy but many limitations also exist so economic leaders must be aware of the pros and cons when negotiating these trades.
Advantages and Limitations of International Trade
The advantage of a free trade agreement will lower trade barriers, increase trade volume, open different markets, provide more products for consumers, and create more investments opportunities for both countries. Consumers receive the added benefits of competition and companies gain access to new markets. As outside firms invest, this investment creates jobs and tax revenue for the host country and additional revenue for the investing firm. A free trade agreement is an efficient situation for consumers and both countries involved.
However, the disadvantage to a free trade agreement is countries outside of a free trade agreement may produce products more efficiently than countries within the agreement, but because of tariffs imposed on these countries their products will not be as competitive. A free trade agreement allows firms to enter markets that they would not otherwise be competitive in, but because of their affiliation in the free trade agreement they can gain market…...

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