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Irregular Verbs List
This is a list of some irregular verbs in English. Of course, there are many others, but these are the more common irregular verbs. V1Base Form | V2Past Simple | V3Past Participle | awake | awoke | awoken | be | was, were | been | beat | beat | beaten | become | became | become | begin | began | begun | bend | bent | bent | bet | bet | bet | bid | bid | bid | bite | bit | bitten | blow | blew | blown | break | broke | broken | bring | brought | brought | broadcast | broadcast | broadcast | build | built | built | burn | burned/burnt | burned/burnt | buy | bought | bought | catch | caught | caught | choose | chose | chosen | come | came | come | cost | cost | cost | cut | cut | cut | dig | dug | dug | do | did | done | draw | drew | drawn | dream | dreamed/dreamt | dreamed/dreamt | drive | drove | driven | drink | drank | drunk | eat | ate | eaten | fall | fell | fallen | feel | felt | felt | fight | fought | fought | find | found | found | fly | flew | flown | forget | forgot | forgotten | forgive | forgave | forgiven | freeze | froze | frozen | get | got | got (sometimes gotten) | give | gave | given | go | went | gone | grow | grew | grown | hang | hung | hung | have | had | had | hear | heard | heard | hide | hid | hidden | hit | hit | hit | hold | held | held | hurt | hurt | hurt | keep | kept | kept | know | knew | known | lay | laid | laid | lead | led | led | learn | learned/learnt | learned/learnt | leave | left | left | lend | lent | lent | let | let | let | lie | lay | lain | lose | lost | lost | make | made | made | mean | meant | meant | meet | met | met | pay | paid | paid | put | put | put | read | read | read | ride | rode | ridden | ring | rang | rung | rise | rose | risen | run | ran | run |…...

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