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ISAIAH 37:1-38







SEPTEMBER 22, 2013


I. INTRODUCTION…………………………………………………………………..2

II. DAY OF TROUBLE………………………………………………….……………..2

A. PLEA FROM HEZEKIAH…………………………………….……………….3

B. SENNACHERIB WILL RETURN AND PERISH.............................................4



B. HEZEKIAH’S PRAYER……………………….………………………..……..5

IV. THE WORD FROM THE LORD…………………………………………………...5


B. HEZEKIAH IS GIVEN A SIGN……………………………………………….6

a. VINEYARDS………………………………………………………………..7

b. GOD TO DEFEND JERUSALEM………………………………………….7



B. SENNACHERIB’S DEATH………………………………………………8

VI. CONCLUSION……………………………………………………………………..8


Isaiah 37 is a wonderful example of the faithfulness of God for those during the time of Hezekiah, but also for believers in the end times. In this chapter we find Hezekiah under the threat of being annihilated by the Assyrian’s for withholding Judah’s tribute. God had already allowed the Assyrian army to conquer the Northern tribes of Israel. They had become wicked and corrupt and openly practiced idolatry and continually ignored the threats of judgment and the call to repentance. God used the Assyrians to punish the tribes for their unrighteousness. The Northern Kingdoms had been literally taken apart and the most prominent were forced to Assyria,…...

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