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“Virtual Meetings: Smart Management”
1. Please read the case study that starts on the next page.
2. Answer all 5 questions below.

Executive Summary (DRAFT)
The purpose of this case study is to provide an objective view to the viability of implementing Virtual meetings or video conferencing within an organisation. This study will analyse in Question 1 whether or not in the future, business travel between companies and external organisations will be necessary or will this become an out-dated form for business collaborations .
The comparison of telepresence over video conferencing will also be discussed in Question 2, whilst there are indeed benefits using telepresence, the cost of establishing this type of communication can be prohibitive for many organisations.
This report examines in Question 3 the actual value that is provided to an organisation that adopts video conferencing as a form of business communications and whether or not it is determined as being smart management.
This report in question 4 will evaluate what factors should be considered in determining whether a small business is suitable for implementing video conferencing as a channel to support their business decisions and planning.
Preparation for a web conference is discussed in Question 5, outlining the steps that are required and technologies to be used when commencing a web conference, taking into account the differences between web conferencing and face-to-face meetings. (WORD COUNT 201)


Virtual Meetings: Smart Management.

When looking at Virtual Meetings: Smart Management we are not only looking at the technologies used but also the benefits they provide. The way the internet has developed has made things like videoconferencing, and its extension, telepresence, a much cheaper, easier and a more accessible way to do business. This report looks…...

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