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Tata Salt was launched in 1983 by Tata Chemicals as India's first packaged iodised salt brand. The brand is now the biggest packaged salt brand inIndia, with a market share of 17%.The Indian salt market[edit]
The market for packaged iodized salt in India is estimated to be worth Rs. 21.7 billion, with Tata Salt commanding a sales share of Rs 3.74 billion or 17.3% of the market. Domestic competitors include Annapurna, Captain Cook, i-shakti, Nirma Shudh and Aashirvaad.
Tata Salt is amongst the few vacuum evaporated brands on the market. The brand is currently packaged in 500g, 1 kg and 2 kg sizes with the 1 kg size being the most popular. The 1 kg pack retails for Rs.22 MRP.
Produced on the western tip of India in the town of Mithapur, Tata Salt reaches around 3.75 Crore Households in India according to the IMRB Household Panel. Economic Times Brand Equityranked Tata Salt as the "Most Trusted Food Brand" and seventh "Most Trusted Brand" overall in its 2009 "Most Trusted Brands" survey.[1] Tata Salt has been ranked the most trusted food brand five times since 2004.
Tata Salt is positioned as the Desh Ka Namak in its various ads. The latest ad for the brand Ghul Mil ad talks about the unity in diversity of India as a nation and how its people blend with each other just the way Tata salt completely dissolves in water, showing that it is a pure salt. price is rs…...

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...death during this period a lumpsum amount shall be paid to your nominee. No premiums are payable from own fund after deferment period, that is, after age 54. In the event of any emergency or financial difficulties, there is a provision under this Magic Plan to provide loan against the insurance policy. The loan is available after 2 years of completion of the policy and payment of 3 yearly premiums. Premiums are available for exemption under sec.80 CCE of income tax act upto Rs.100000/- per annum. Disclaimer u Magic-Plan Retire & Enjoy is a combination of LIC plans specially researched to meet the objective of securing a financially independent life for yourself and your spouse on retirement. u The benefits shown in this presentation have been calculated on the basis of interim bonuses declared by LIC for the year ended 31-Mar-2010. Actual results may deviate depending on the future bonuses declared by LIC. u Loan calculation is done on the basis of present surrender value rates. u The effective yield in the above proposal works out to 8.19 % (calculated as per IRR method). A L SHUBHA SUBRAYA Insurance Advisor # 53 1st Floor 13th Cross pipeline vijayanagar Bangalore Tel: 080-23209952, Mobile No: 9449445868 / 9481484700 MagicPlan - Retire And Enjoy - V Quotation Ref.No. Proposer’s Name Sum Proposed Sec.80 CCE Invt. Lmt. : 129 : Mr. Suman : 2845000 : 100000 Quotation Date Proposer’s Age Yearly Premium Sec.80 CCE Tax Rebate......

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