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Reflecting on my Skills


a) The essential skills that are strengths for me are reading and understanding text preparing written materials for many purposes using labels, graphs, charts, tables and other similar material using math skills in making financial transactions, such as handling cash, preparing bills, and making payments planning for the best use of time and money, as well as monitoring the use of time and money planning and organizing my work making decisions using appropriate information identifying and solving problems using a variety of sources, including written text, people, computerized databases, and information systems

I know I can apply these skills easily because I enjoy doing them. The skills that come naturally to me are fun to do, without much effort of thought but into them.

Areas for Development

I would like to further develop my skills in measuring and calculating products, collecting and analyzing data and estimating numerical forms.

Ways that I will develop these skills are:

At home: I can develop my skill of measuring and calculating products at home by baking more often. This will help me because it will force me to pay close attention to the quantities and of everything and the instructions of how to apply them.

In school: I can develop my skill of estimating numerical forms at school by paying more attention to this unit in my math class. I can get extra help if I feel I don’t understand and I can estimate what the answer will be before I solve a math problem.

In the community: I can develop my skill of estimating numerical forms in the community by: while volunteering in the neighborhood for a fundraiser, I can estimate how much money we will make by judging on the amount of people there and the activity we have chosen to raise money. This will help develop my skill because it…...

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