Job Satisfaction in Registered Nurses: Survey Research

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Job Satisfaction In Registered Nurses: Survey Research
Lindsey Rask
July 30th, 2011

Job satisfaction within acute, community and public health nursing is imperative to the health care system as it directly affects the entire organization. In most health care settings, nurses hold the majority of positions, and replacement of an licensed personnel can be costly, time consuming, and difficult due to staff shortages. These factors are leading to a decrease in job satisfaction, as they are a major cause of burnout rates within the health care profession. The focus of this study is to explore the career plans, satisfaction levels and professional concerns of registered nurses (RNs), specifically within the Prince Albert Parkland Health Region. Through the use of a interviewed survey, this study will explore what significant number of nurses will choose to seek employment outside of nursing, shift to part-time positions, further their education in the nursing field, retire, or alter their career plans is some way. It will also look at what sort of turnover should be expected among nursing staff, if there is a perceived shortage of professionals in their field, and whether they would recommend nursing as a career to others.
Nursing is the nation’s largest healthcare profession, with more than 3.1 million RNs nationwide. Of all licensed RNs, 2.6 million or 84.8 percent are employed in nursing, leaving about 500,000 licensed nurses that do not work in the nursing field, but could potentially do so (AMN Healthcare, Inc. 2011). Recent studies have shown that “burnout” is one the major contributing factors in job satisfaction and needs to be decreased in order to improve job satisfaction. Burnout is defined as "A syndrome of emotional exhaustion and cynicism that occurs frequently among individuals who do "people work" of some kind" (Toscano,…...

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