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Ethnicity and the Courts
Tina Martin-Fleming
August 28, 2014
Thomas Bullock

Jury Nullification is the process that allows members of the juror to acquit a defendant for crimes they do not feel is grounds for punishment. Although, many jurors may not know this is an option to many cases, it is still an option. If citizens use this option in many of the courtroom proceedings, there will be fewer people who are serving time in prison. On the other hand, this does interfere with the decision- making process. This paper will explain whether ethnicity influences courtroom proceedings and judicial practices. It will summarize the arguments for and against ethnicity-based jury nullification. Including contemporary examples of ethnicity-based jury nullification and my position for or against ethnicity based jury nullification and the defense of that decision.
Explain whether Ethnicity Influences Courtroom proceedings and Judicial Practices
In today’s society ethnicity does have an effect on courtroom proceedings and judicial practices. Crime has increased significantly over the years particularly in poverty stricken areas that are more likely to have a higher rate of crime than those other areas. This issue has raised many concerns of this criminal behavior. Racial issue still and will always be an issue with the court system as long as we as a people keep it in existence. To eliminate these barriers would be to educate the police and all persons who are seeking Criminal Justice as a career. People often are judged based on their racial background or what ethnicity they belong to.
Many people today are afraid to change; they don’t want to educate themselves on the importance of making a difference. As a criminal justice official we have an obligation not to judge a person based on race and ethnicity, we must treat everyone the same. These issues could…...

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