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Those people that would not sign a release form are entitled to do so. I would not release any medical records for those individuals unless compelled to do so by that individual or by court order. This would release me from any liability concerning invasion of privacy with my employees.

Chapter 3, question 9, page 116
#9. Should American companies refuse to do business in countries?
A. That does not practice democracy?
American companies should not feel compelled to not do business in countries that does not practice democracy. Only if you believe that the country’s form of government infringes on its people’s humanistic rights, and that by withdrawing your money from their economy will change this, should you defer doing business there.
While democracy is the form of government that our country’s forefathers chose, it does not mean that it is right or wrong.
B. That routinely practices discrimination?
American companies should not do business in countries that practice discrimination. You should first check that the company that you wish to do business with does not practice discrimination. If the company does, you can show that it is not an ethical standard in which you wish to promote, and take your business elsewhere.
Anytime you openly communicate the reasons you are taking your business elsewhere, and follow through, you show that business can be done with good ethics.
C. That tolerates or even encourages the abuse of children?
The abuse of anybody would be an un-ethical practice, business or otherwise.
While abuse may happen in some countries, including our own; it should not be tolerated by anyone. Unless you feel that your business would be promoting un-ethical standards, you can work in that country. Again, you should check that the company is not abusing anyone, including…...

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...free shipping otherwise Out of stock online Wayfair- $142.26 (Free Shipping) http://www.wayfair.com/Golds-Gym-XR-10.9-Power-Tower-GGBE0969-L1358-K~GGY1016.html?refid=GX50787272700-GGY1016&device=c&ptid=83321802439&pptid=83321802439&ci_src=17588969&ci_sku=GGY1016&gclid=CKqonvOByMACFSMV7AodbQoARA 2. Pull up bands -1 purple $5 -1 red $8 -1 blue $12 -1 green $24 Free shipping http://www.equipmentraw.com/raw-powerlifting-pull-up-assist-bands/ 3. Battle ropes- 1.5 inch. 30ft. (2) $119.99 http://www.commercialbargains.com/products/2-pack-undulation-battle-rope-30-ft-poly-dacron-gym-fitness-strength-training Free shipping or $130 http://www.equipmentraw.com/raw-battle-ropes-1-5-and-2-custom-cuts/ -Just a tad bit higher quality ropes 4. Ab Wheels (2-4) Walmart- 5.04 http://www.walmart.com/ip/15580734?wmlspartner=wlpa&adid=22222222227000637439&wl0=&wl1=g&wl2=c&wl3=40331985632&wl4=&wl5=pla&wl6=81425561689&veh=sem Would be free shipping if we bought the power tower from Wal-Mart, otherwise 5ish dollars per ab wheel in shipping 5. Wall Ball -1 8lb $42 -1 10lb $ 45 -1 12lb $48 (out of stock) -1 14lb $ 51 could use two balls of each weight but one of each would work http://www.equipmentraw.com/raw-wall-balls/ Shipping should be around $55.31 for three balls 8,10, 14lbs. 6. Speed parachute (2) $20 Free shipping http://www.equipmentraw.com/raw-speed-parachute/ Price range for......

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...a brother of your pledge brothers when there are girls just standing around, YOU ARE OUTTA HERE!!! Ok, if it is before midnight… A group of girls is standing around, grab a bro or pledge bro and go talk to them. First, introduce yourself and get their name, ask if they are having a good time, and then ask if they want anything to drink. If they say yes, walk them to the bar and tell them what we have to drink. If they say no and they look like they are in a sorority, ask them if they are in a sorority (DUH). If not, choose one of the following: where are you living, where are you from, have you been here before, how are classes going, or where all have you been tonight. Then proceed to have a conversation. IF THEY ARE HAMMERED AT ANY POINT BEFORE MIDNIGHT, JUST SKIP THE CHIT CHAT AND GO DANCE. Midnight or after, if you have been talking for awhile and they’ve had a couple drinks, ask if they want to dance. If you see an untalked to group or a solo girl, go up to her and ask if she wants anything to drink. If she says yes, get her a drink and then ask if she wants to dance. If she says no, ask her to dance. DANCING IS FUN!!!!! Always try to dance. If she does not want to dance and is with friends, say “aw thats no fun” (or something like that) and then ask one of her friends. Here is how to dance: Grab them on the hips with your 2 hands and then let them grind against your dick. After that slowly alternate between just putting your hand across their stomach, but make......

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