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← The duration and inclination of the bow is proportionate to the elevation of the person you’re addressing.

← In Japanese culture, much care is taken to maintain cleanliness. Much like at a restaurant or a school, one should remove shoes when entering a house.

← Status in Japan is based on specific relationships between individuals.

I. Giri (duty): The sense of obligation to those to whom one is indebted, requires deferential behavior and eventually repayment of the favor.

II. It is in conflict with Ninjo (human emotion or compassion).

III. During meetings, some Japanese will close their eyes while the presenter is speaking.

IV. While this is considered rude in our society since it indicates boredom or disinterest, in Japan, it is a form of concentration and is not deemed inappropriate.

|Japan Appearance |
|[pic] Those who dress according to their status or position impress the Japanese. Dress to impress. |
|[pic] Men should wear dark conservative attire. Business suits are most suitable. |
|[pic] Casual dress is never appropriate in a business setting. |
|[pic] Shoes should be easy to remove, as you will do so often. Slip-ons are the best choice. |
|[pic] Women’s dress should be conservative. Little emphasis should be placed on accessories. They should be minimal. |
|[pic] Women should not wear pants in a business situation. Japanese men tend to find it offensive. |
|[pic] Women should…...

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