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Lab #3 | Configure BitLocker and Windows Encryption


Configure BitLocker and Windows Encryption
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IS3340 Windows Security

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Daniel Longo

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In this lab, you used the Microsoft® Encrypting File System (EFS) to encrypt files and folders on a Windows Server 2008 machine. You documented the success or failure of your encryption efforts. You also installed Microsoft® BitLocker Drive Encryption, a data protection feature that is used to resist data theft and the risk of exposure from lost, stolen, or decommissioned computers. You encrypted a data drive on the server and created a recovery key.

Lab Assessment Questions & Answers
1. Within a Microsoft® Windows 2008 server R2 environment, who has access rights to the EFS features and

functions in the server?

2. What are some best practices you can implement when encrypting BitLocker drives and the use of

BitLocker recovery passwords?

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Assessment Worksheet
3. What was the recover key created by BitLocker in this lab?


4. BitLocker secured drives. How would you grant additional users access rights to your EFS encrypted

folders and data files?

5. What are the main differences between EFS and BitLocker?

6. The customer privacy data policy in your company’s data classification standard requires encryption in

Configure BitLocker and Windows Encryption

two places: data stored in a user’s personal data folders and data stored on the LAN’s shared disk drives. Describe your solution for meeting this policy requirement.

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