Let's Make Everyone a Manager

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Let's make everyone a manager
Having a hierarchy of managers is expensive because their payment is too high and it approximately represents the 33% of the company’s payroll. This system also increases the risk of bad decision making because it gives a great power to a small group of people (top managers) who, many times, don’t know the exact needs of the company (because they don’t work in the direct environment of their employees) and, therefore, take unworkable decisions. In hierarchies, the scope of authority of lower employees is narrowed. As an effect, they lose their eagerness to contribute and imagine. Decision making in this system is also slower because there are more approval layers.
Markets coordinate themselves, with the direction of no one. Open-source software projects too and they’re highly efficient. But there are other businesses that are so complex that it is difficult to be decentralized and synchronized at the same time. Anyway, this is not impossible, since there is a company that has achieved a system in which each colleague is self-manager: Morning Star. It could reach this kind of organization by: * Making the mission the boss: Each person settles his or her own mission and does all that is necessary to achieve it. * Letting employees forge agreements: Instead of a manager giving orders to be obeyed, there are people who reach agreements between them, committing to fulfill their missions and reporting their progress to everyone. * Empower everyone: First, everyone has to create an individual mission that then will be critiqued by everyone. Second, search for new ways to expand the employees’ autonomy. For example, giving a P&L account to each team, that can also start its own hiring process when needed. Finally, erase the distinctions between managers…...

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