Lifestyles Inventory

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Life Styles Inventory
The 12 Life Styles

Devry and Keller School of Management
MGMT591 Leadership and Org. Behavior-Professor Carr

I have realized I have changed tremendously over the years and certain life events can shape the way you think or the way you will evolve. This can be anywhere from getting over a breakup, the stress of work/school, or the death of a close loved one. For the most part, I think I am an outgoing person with a strong work ethic and try to be positive to reach my long term goals and not let the little bumps in the road get me off track. In this week’s assignment, we were assigned to go through and fill out the “life styles inventory which focuses on constructive, passive/defensive, and aggressive/defensive styles. At first, I was a little apprehensive about going through a self-assessment because I feel that I know myself pretty well, but after getting the results, some of the scores are different than what I initially expected. The three different styles I would like to focus on in this paper have to deal with interaction of people, accomplishing tasks, and task related activities.
After taking the LSI survey and examining the circumplex slices, oppositional was the highest on the percentile scoring scale and falls under the defensive/aggressive scale. Oppositional style, which I scored an 84 on, is characterized by a detachment from your close friends and family, having a negative outlook on life, and having a sarcastic sense of humor. This is not how I have always been, but lately I have been in a funk after a few close family members had passed away and just being depressed from work and not being able to talk to my Grandma. This mood has started to take over my overall motivation from work, interacting with friends, and having no energy at the end of the day for homework. Since I am an IT manager, my…...

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