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S'pore youth savvy with finances: survey

Daniel Buenas
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8 September 2005
Business Times Singapore
(c) 2005 Singapore Press Holdings Limited

SINGAPORE'S youth value education and family, have entrepreneurial tendencies and are not ignorant when it comes to financial choices, a survey has found.

In the face-to-face survey of 1,400 Singaporeans aged 15-29 by Ngee Ann Polytechnic, it was found that 44 per cent had life insurance, and of those who did, a quarter had between two and four policies.

Also, 28 per cent of the respondents had some form of medical or hospitalisation insurance, with 20 per cent of this group having between two and four policies.

'These figures were quite surprising,' said Henry Koh, a lecturer at Ngee Ann's School of Business and Accountancy, yesterday. 'A lot of these were students, yet the percentage of people (who have policies) is quite high. I think it shows some concern over financial security in the future and that they're more savvy in terms of insurance.'

The survey, which aimed to give insights into Singapore's 'Generation Y', also found that 7 per cent of interviewees had invested in either unit trusts or mutual funds, with 22 per cent of this group having between 2-4 investments. The top three companies for both life and medical insurance were AIA, Prudential and NTUC Income.

And being young hasn't stopped Singaporeans from owning credit cards either. According to the survey, 29 per cent of those interviewed were either primary or supplementary card holders. 'Credit cards are a way of life these days, and it gives this group more spending power,' Mr Koh said. 'I think it's also considered cool at that age to have one.'

Singapore youth also showed strong entrepreneurial tendencies, with 69 per cent of interviewees agreeing that they would 'surely' run their own business in the future.…...

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