Love Struck

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Love Struck

I never believed in love I always thought it was just a feeling until one day specifically on August 18, 2017 it was the first day of me being in high school and of course I was lost and alone and that’s when I was hit with a cupid arrow when I seen Edward Jakens the most popular boy in high school.

Then I see him coming over to where I was, so I started acting cool like I knew what I was doing but lord knows I did not!

That’s when I hear are you lost and I turn around and he was standing right beside me, I say yes and then he asks my name is Twilight and I say yes. He asks me where my schedule is and I say it’s at my house.

He takes me to the office to get my class schedule and he takes me to my class, right then and there we both knew that this is was going to turn into a good friendship.

He starts taking me to my classes and to find that we had a lot of things in common we were both popular, athletic, weird, funny, and we definitely hated when people abused animals.

That’s when I started to see him as more than a friend and for some reason a new girl came but I could tell she was trouble because no one liked her except Edward I tried to warn him about her but he wouldn’t listen it was like he was under her spell!

He ended up going out with her. And some how she found out I like him so when I was getting a drink of water she walks up to me and say “I know you like Edward so back of loser” I was like back of what and she said you heard me I said loser I made sure everyone seen this that was around us and I said I don't know who you think you are and I really don’t care how fake you act like but you will not tell me who I am what I need to do and who I will be because you are a nobody and I am a somebody that you will never be oh, and you will never break our friendship and I walked out.

After that Edward walks up to…...

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