Magnetic Levitation as an Efficient Means of Tranportation

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Research Paper: Review of Related Literature and Methodology

I. Introduction Magnetic levitation has fascinated us since it was first introduced in Sci-Fi novels and movies. Moving across distances at high speeds while vertically suspended sounds impossible. But technology has advance to a point in which it is not as farfetched as it seems. Its physics is not impossible and is quite sophisticated.

A. Research Question
Will Magnetically Levitating vehicles be more efficient in saving energy for transportation services?

B. Hypothesis
If Magnetic Levitation reduce energy as it moves over a distance in time. Then it is more efficient in energy saving for transportation.
C. Objectives of the study
The objective is to engineer prototypes of MagLev trains with different systems and comparing it to a control model to determine its convenience and efficiency in saving energy.
D. Significance
DLSU-STC has proposed a future model of its campus that requires transportation around its vast area. Energy saving transportation would be an asset to the campus' innovative purpose.
E. Limitations
 The use of scale models
 Life span of models
 Availability of materials

3. Review of Related Literature
A. Introduction
With the dramatic increase in population, transportation services using non-renewable energy cannot afford mass transit. New-Generation transportation systems are developing to meet the demand for innovative means of transportation.
Magnetic Levitation (MagLev) is a method when an object is vertically suspended with only the support of magnetic fields. The MagLev train is one of the best candidates for innovative means of transportation. The MagLev train should meet the standards of convenience, light-weighted, environment-friendly, energy saving, low-maintenance, and suitable for mass transit.
B. Body
1. Levitation
a. Electromagnetic…...

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