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The assassination of Malcolm X on February 21, 1965, the Black leader Malcolm X was assassinated as he started to address a rally in New York City. Malcolm X was a controversial figure. He had spent time in jail as a street criminal. As spokesman for Elijah Mohammed's Nation of Islam, he articulated a virulently anti-White program of black self-help. After a trip to Mecca, he broke with Elijah Mohammed and his anti-White policies to form an independent political group expressing both national and international concerns. Yesterday in a Washington Heights ballroom Malcolm X was shot to death. The Black Nationalist leader was 39-years-old . Shortly before midnight Malcolm was hosting a rally when Thomas Hagan along with three others shot him. The police rescued Thomas Hagan from the ballroom crowd after he has been shot and beaten. Hagan was also charged with the killing.
Malcolm had said only a few words of greeting when a disturbance rang out. First there was a cloud of smoke that the gun shoots begun. There were about three loud gun shots. The bullets knocked him over backward. After he fell down two men walk to the stage with hand guns and shoot him again. Among the 400 rally attendees Pandemonium broke in the Audubon Ballroom. As women, children and men stooped under tables and laid on the floor, more shots were fired. Witnesses said about 30 shots had been fired. One theory of the police was that five accomplices may have been involved, to make a disturbance. ” Seven bullets had struck Malcolm and three other bystanders was shot,” said the police. Capt. Paul Glaser of the Police Department's Community Relations Bureau said early today that Hagan, using a double-barreled shotgun with shortened barrels and stock, had killed Malcolm X. The Medical Examiner's office said early this morning that a preliminary autopsy showed Malcolm had died of “multiple gunshot…...

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