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Identify the factors given in the article and determine under which management skills they fall.

There are three basic skills in which all the management skills are categorized. The three are namely; Conceptual skills, Human skills and Technical skills.
All the other skills mentioned fall within these three categories of skills. The skills described in the article will be respectively described below.
1. Communication
Communication falls under the category of Human skills. And it’s a very basic and important sub-category and also a strong pillar in the realm of managers.

2. Listening skills
Listening skills also falls under the sub-category of Communication.

3. A commitment to the truth
Asking questions and clarifying for the truth and showing immense interest in hearing the reality of the news that you get to listen to, from outside sources as well as from those working under your management, sound Interpersonal skills are required. (This also falls under the main category of Human Skills)

4. Empathy
Empathizing here means to understand that other people may have different points of view. So, Empathy requires excellent listening skills and falls in the sub-category of Interpersonal Skills.

5. Persuasion
Persuasion involves negotiating and most probably partnering with people for achieving mutual goals and benefits. Persuasion falls somewhere between having excellent Communication and Interpersonal skills.

6. Leadership
Leadership, a critical management skill, is the ability to motivate a group of people towards a common goal. It revolves around influencing the employees working for you and building relationships based on trust and respect. Good Interpersonal communication and Effectiveness skills are the base of a good leader.
7. Focus
Focus is the key to successful leadership; it means concentrating and focusing energies on the right…...

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