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Henry Schwartzman -- Quality Giant (A)

Henry Schwartzman -- Quality Giant (A)

Enrique Schwartzman (Henry for short) came to the U.S. in the early 1950's from Chile. When he arrived he vowed to make something of his life and provide his young family with all the benefits he had been denied. Today he is a graduate of a prestigious Eastern engineering school, and after thirty years of hard work, he feels he is nearing his dream of success. His success is evidenced by his recent promotion to Manager of Quality Control at Walsh Cosmetics, reporting directly to the Plant Manager. At a party thrown by his former engineering group, his colleagues had jokingly bestowed upon him the title of Quality Giant. (Henry is only 5' 4" tall). As he surveyed his spacious new office, he thought of the many long years he had spent as a mechanical engineer. Somehow he had never envisioned himself becoming a manager of Quality Control. But here he was, waist (waste?) deep in an area where he had received little, formal academic training. Henry was not particularly worried. His training in engineering had been quite rigorous and he felt he could handle whatever technical preparation was needed for the new job. Additionally, before assuming his new duties he had spent several weeks at a quality control (Q.C.) training program run by one of the foremost Q.C. consulting firms in the country---Lopez, Lopez, and Associates (LL&A). The Lopez twins (Lopez J. Lopez and Lopez X. Lopez) offer Quality training from A to Z: from Statistical Process Control to Total Quality Management. Even before attending the program he was aware of the importance of Q.C. at Walsh Cosmetics. Walsh had developed a rather dismal quality record over the years and he fully understood that this must change. Walsh had been purchased by a leading pharmaceutical and consumer products…...

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...Business 101 Final The One Minute Manager book ties directly into chapter 15, human resources, of the textbook BUSN. The key concepts in The One Minute Manager reiterate why it helps if the a lot if the human resource branch of a company is positively involved with the employees and maintain a good relationship rather than doing the typical corporate style. Some of the key concepts from The One Minute Manager are One Minute Goals, One Minute Praisings, and One Minute Reprimands. They all repeat themselves as one-minute tasks since The One Minute Manager does these specific tasks in a minute or less in a very effective way and getting the respect of his employees. The one minute way may not be the corporate way since many large companies tend to prolong the meetings with the employees, thus in many instances causing the employees to dread the day of the meetings. I can personally say that when I worked for large companies, Wal-Mart and K-Mart, all the meetings would be take up to half hour or sometimes more. After the first few minutes I’d just get exhausted and in many cases annoyed to the point where the managers would ask if they had my attention or if I even wanted to be there. By the time they’d ask those questions I’d be blunt and say no, they didn’t have my attention and that I found that their “coaching” methods reflected how an elementary school was ran and that they didn’t have a drop of my respect. The One Minute Goal Setting is simple in the methods that it......

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