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Error Message: Deficit of SL Unrestricted-use 2 EA: 21GP84 004 0001
Issue: Queue failed because the stock levels on ECC and EWM are not in sync.
In this case the available stock is less by 2 EA of product 21GP84.
Reason: There are multiple reasons to have the above error triggered. But the main cause of this error is having the stock levels out of sync in both EWM and ECC systems.
Root Cause: There are multiple reasons to have the systems (EWM and ECC) out of sync and queues to fail with Deficit of stock issue, some of them are listed below, 1. When someone manually posts inventory by using the inventory sync program /SCWM/ERP_STOCKCHECK, without checking if there are any open Queues or other process updates. 2. When someone used mass posting transaction /SCWM/POST to change the stock status from available to block or blocked to available, queues are failing if any of the product is out of sync in the system, then it will stop the posting change for all the products in the mass list. 3. If the queue for goods movement EWMMEWMGOODSMVT* is not monitored properly, for all the material movements in EWM system will trigger only on queue name with multiple LUWs and if any of the LUW movement is stuck for any reason, then other LUW’s will get piled up and waiting for the first one to clear.
1. Manual Inventory Sync by using transaction /SCWM/ERP_STOCKCHECK: Business is not supposed to use this transaction to sync the stock levels on ECC and EWM. We have already communicated to the team who are using this transaction in DC W004 and reply from the team and they will stop using this transaction. If they find any issue with stock levels and need help, then they should raise a request and support team will take care of the issue.

2. Mass Posting using transaction /SCWM/POST: Worked with business to understand the reason for using this…...

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