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Option B: Should marketers be responsible for the way their products are used by consumers? Discuss using the beer category as an example.

Corporate Social Responsibility should be the first priority of marketers when promoting goods that can and may become harmful to their consumers. The World Business Council for Sustainable Development defines CSR as “the continuing commitment by business to contribute to economic development, while improving the quality of life of the workforce and their families as well as of the community and society at large.", or simply “the ethical behavior of a company toward society.” (Meeting Changing Expectations ( Marketing is essentially getting the products out there visible to their target market so they can be purchased. Marketing can also be defined as preparing potential customers to become your customers; it is not selling; it is the preparation work to selling. Whatever your definitions, CSR and Marketing has a serious impact on the corporate’s development and both are used to build a very good image in each corporation as well as the driving forces behind the company’s profits. To answer the question, I will focus mainly on the Alcohol Companies, specifically Mike’s Hard Lemonade, who will from this moment be referred to as MHL
So who are the targets for MHL?

Jack is 28 year old male who steps out of his Ford F-250 in his checkered shirt and his favorite blue jeans. Greeted by his golden retriever at the front door; he is hot and sweaty after a long day’s work at the lumber mill. Jack wants to take a cold shower, then relax in his lazy boy with a cold drink in one hand and the remote in the other. He doesn’t want a beer because he’s tired of the taste, wine is not an option since it is to girlish. So what is his alternative? Mike’s Hard Lemonade to the rescue! He can still feel…...

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...achieve target sales. The role of the marketer’s means recognized market opportunities and understands consumer behaviour. Therefore company can adapt their behaviour according to this information further marketers role depends on the experience, knowledge and education level. Therefore marketers know how price work how advertising work and the world trend, market and consumer beavered. On the other hand company marketing people know and help to understand consumer needs and how to convert to wants using market research and understand in this target market which product and service we need to produce how to price compare with competitors reduce cost etc. In addition marketers actioned help to increase and expand physical and mental availability for their brands. As a example Coca Cola if they want to introduce 100ml coca- cola can first they do market research and find out target market via use special marketers. After that they decide how to attract new product to target market now they use advertising, product campaign, sponsorship etc to develop their target sales. This is the main duties do marketers improve company sales and profitability. Further marketers have a responsibility to encourage customer culture that is responsive to customer demand. On the other hand marketers will use following information to analyse their company market structure. * Total sales * Market share * Number of customers * Total advertising spend * Sales per dollar *......

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...businesses and organisations essentially must use to get their product out into the market for people to buy for the company to succeed. Every business needs a marketing manager and/or several marketers, someone who has a 'disciplined view of the task of achieving specific responses in others through the creation and offering of values'. (A Generic Concept) An effective marketer, is someone that can creatively analyse, plan, organise, and make a controlling marketing effort for the business. They must be efficient at achieving two primary fundamentals for marketing, market analysis and product analysis. Market analysis is basically the research a marketer has to conduct beforehand, so things like being able to recognise who the market is for the product, the size of the market, where the market is located, values and the needs/wants of the market. Product analysis is primarily how the 'marketer must determine what products are currently available to the target, and how the target feels about each of them.' (A Generic Concept) For a marketer to be successful, they must develop a balanced marketing mix, which is essentially a series of variable factors such as the four P's (product/price/place/promotion) used by an organisation to meet its customers’ needs. An intelligent marketer will view the marketing problem as one of 'developing the right product, backed by the right promotion, and put in the right place at the right price.' (Social Marketing: An Approach to Planned...

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...In the business world, the marketers of an organisation are arguably the most pivotal element to the business success. Marketing management can be defined as ‘the application of marketing related strategies and tactics to meet an organisation’s stated goals’ by Moore and Pareek (2010, p. 7). Therefore, marketers are in charge of selecting target market through observation and analysis of wants and needs, applying the marketing metrics in a beneficial way and sustaining a stable market and client base. One of the most fundamental tasks that the marketing team is in charge of is identifying a target market and inturn their needs and wants. A niche market must be attained prior to attempting to market any product or service as it is the first step in selling. Realising the target markets requirements and desires in a product through surveys and observations are one of the key roles of a marketer. The customer base must be well researched to assist in selecting goods, adapting the market and pitching sales all based upon reliably sourced information. Satisfaction according to Churchill and Suprenant (1982 pg.491) involves such phenomena’s as attitude change, repeat purchase and brand loyalty. For example food chains use customer service surveys that allow the consumer to have there say and for action to take place from the feedback. Therefore the marketing team aims to keep the market sustained, providing long term customer satisfaction through these means. The marketing...

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...What do marketers do? A marketer will have researched the market to find those needs of consumers that have not been developed. A marketer uses a business tool called the “marketing mix.” The marketing mix is essentially made up of the four Ps; price, product, promotion and place. These four elements are the underlying basis and marketing fundamentals to enable the marketer in determining a product or service. (Sharp, 2013) So selling is merely just a fraction of the entire marketing process of a product or service. When one looks closer at each p element of marketing, there is a considerable amount of strategy, planning and research that is required. By understanding the needs of a consumer is merely not enough, there are also other factors which require research and understanding why consumers are influenced in a number of ways to make specific purchases. All these factors are driven ultimately by consumer behaviour. A marketer will have researched consumer behaviour, in other words, they use market science, to systematically gather and analyse information needed. By applying the theoretical aspects of marketing and bridging this with real world marketing knowledge, the marketer can make informed decisions in planning marketing strategies. Many marketing fundamental theories have evolved over time, after all, marketing has been around been for thousands of years, many have seen thousands of products come and go over time. Yet the fundamental factors that influence......

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...What do Marketers do? A career in Marketing may be seen as a ‘highly paid and exciting job’ [Byron Sharp, pg6] by many people, but what actually are the roles and responsibilities of a Marketer? ‘The role of the marketer is to understand consumer behaviour and recognise market opportunities so that the organisation can adapt and stay competitive.’ [Byron Sharp, pg22] ‘A Marketer needs to make and review an enormous range of decisions which will either ensure success or failure for a firm.’ [Byron Sharp, pg6] These decisions are drawn from intensive market research that helps marketers understand needs, wants and desires from consumers. ‘A successful marketing professional will be competent in evaluating these needs of the consumer market as they relate to a given set of product(s).’ [Byron Sharp, pg9] This means that the marketing professional will understand how and where to acquire knowledge about consumer demands and trends that are relevant to the marketing of specific goods and services globally or locally. ‘Marketing professionals of the modern era are the people that oversea trading. The modern economy depends on trade.’ making a marketer’s job very relevant to a business. [Byron Sharp, pg8] ‘They research it, compete against one another and make important decisions.’ [Byron Sharp, pg8] ‘The successful marketer usually a professional in a more senior role such as Marketing Director make informed decisions and budget allocations’ [Byron Sharp, pg8] after......

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...What do Marketers do? Marketing has become an essential part of any business regardless as to whether they are big or small. It helps the business to establish the needs and wants of a consumer even before a product is produced. Not only does it involve the design, color, logo, layouts, and the physical appearance of a product, but it also involves the strategies that would need to be implemented for a product to get a proportion of the market share. According to Byron Sharp “Marketing – theory, evidence & practice” a characteristic of a marketer involves a combination of skills which may involve analyzing market and financial data, knowledge, sound judgement as well as creativity, but most importantly they must have great communication skills. The role of a marketer involves getting to know and understand the consumers present and future needs and wants. This can be done by conducting market research with either the whole market or targeting a specific type of market. With the data collected, marketers are able to analyse and establish consumer behavior and buying patterns, this process would be part of the business’s marketing strategy. “A marketing strategy should include a plan of action for developing, distributing, promoting and pricing products that meet the need of the target market. It is best formulated when it reflects the overall direction of the organization and it coordinated with all its function areas.” (Elliot et al. 2006 pg 32) The role of a......

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...What do marketers do? Everyday in our lives we see marketing techniques being used almost everywhere we look, whether it is an ad on Television or whether it be an advertisement that has been printed. These highly intelligent marketing techniques are what make products or services viable and profitable. So who generates these so called ideas? According to The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition, Marketers are individuals who sell goods or services in or to a market, especially one that markets a specified commodity. By using market research it further enables marketers to understand customer desires and market opportunities so that the organisation can adapt to stay competitive. (Cited in Sharp 2013, page 6) If marketers further understood their customer base not only would they be able to expand but also they would be able to generate a marketing proposal to satisfy the consumers needs and wants. Everyday marketers make and review a vast variety of decisions, which together affect whether the firm will strive or fail. Some of these decisions include: Specificity and target markets. (As stated in Sharp 2013, page 6) At the end of the day marketers are in charge of protecting a brands market based assets, they aim to maintain and expand the availability of their product. A job in marketing is not a walk in the park, firstly you need to know how to target your audiences effectively, marketers need to decide who they are targeting their...

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...A marketer is largely responsible for the image they create for an organization, and their actions act as a point of entry for consumers. Marketers are responsible for finding and considering opportunities and potential markets for an organization. Doing so would not only allow marketers to identify their audience and target, but also identify their expectations, wants, and needs. (Gok and Hacioglu 2010) Researching prices competitors charge for like-products will allow marketers to compare and strategize. They need to ensure that pricing is fair in comparison to what the consumer is receiving, as well as appealing. To improve the organization, it is extremely important and essential that marketers seek feedback -both positive and critical - as well as taking into consideration any ideas consumers provide. Marketers must also strategically decide how they will advertise, to whom, the location and time. After all, the ideal result of market research is to ensure the satisfaction of consumers. (Dickinson, Herbst and O’Shaughnessy 1986) Marketing strategies are developed in a process in which results in an organization successfully putting their product/service on the market to be available to consumers. The marketing mix is composed of four factors; product/service, place, price and promotions. (Reid 1980) The ‘product/service’ factor involves identifying the product/service you want to sell or provide. When evaluating this factor, a marketer would consider what a......

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...What a marketer want???? N how he get there???? Types of marketing… Societal marketing Traditional marketing Word of mouth Sales promotion Gorilla marketing Viral marketing n so n so on….n what not…many more YYYYYY DY NEED TO STUDY ALL DEZ…YYYY…ITNI CARE TO HMRI HMRY PARENTS B NHI KRTY…JTNA YE LOG KRTY HY… R DEZ REALLY THE CUSTOMERS OR THE PROFIT????? TOPIC…….BIRD EYE VIEW OF HOW P & G TACKLES ITS CUSTOMERS…. SUBJECT….MARKETING MANAGEMENT SUBMITTED BY…..SADAF, FARAH ,MARYAM,RUBINA DATE OF SUBMISSION…30 APRIL 2014 SUBMITTED TO….MAAM SADI AZIZ Mahatma Gandhi > Quotes > Quotable Quote “A customer is the most important visitor on our premises. He is not dependent on us. We are dependent on him. He is not an interruption in our work. He is the purpose of it. He is not an outsider in our business. He is part of it. We are not doing him a favor by serving him. He is doing us a favor by giving us an opportunity to do so. CUSTOMER PSYCHOLOGY……HOW IMPORTANT FOR A MARKETER TO STUDY????? Companies use marketing to promote and sell their products or services, and consumer behavior is how consumers act and respond in the retail environment. In order for a company to create a strong marketing campaign, it is important to understand how and to what the consumer will respond. This relationship between marketing and consumer behavior involves studies, focus groups, psychological analyses and other methods of studying the market for a......

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Marketer, personalization, customization and one-to-one marketing. Social functions can be categorized into social choice and welfare functions. * Significance of Consumer Behavior: Consumer behavior is a significant theory for marketers who intend to improve their marketing strategies. For understanding the consumer behavior marketer try to know how consumer feels, how they think. Consumer behavior plays a vital role in the success of a product. Marketers largely depend upon consumer position of behavior. There are several dynamics of consumer behavior, some cultural issues, family values, decision making process of consumer, factors which affected consumer behavior Consumer also have special consideration on cultural and special occasions where marketers seems to highlight their product in special manner along with they offer free gifts and limited time scheme so consumer prefer to buy them. Consumer behavior can change in different periods of time, for example if they like to take tea or fresh juices in the evening so marketers feel better to show such type of advertisement in this specific period. Media has been playing specific role for changing the consumer behavior but some time immature marketing for some diet products or some time marketers seems to provide easy way to obtained credit at flexible terms for consumers without having any precautions. For understanding the consumer behavior we need to understand the reason where consumer prefer to buy comfortably......

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...year 2018, I will graduate from Victoria University. I will get my Bachelor Degree in Marketing. After that, I will join in the company that I want to be so long, Uniqlo. In year 1984, Uniqlo got their first store in Japan, Hiroshima. And now they have grown up to more than 1300 stores in 15 countries. Their name Uniqlo comes from the words ‘unique’ and clothing. Which means a simple and clever it was just like their products, which are being high-quality, innovative, functional and affordable. To keep their product in high standard and reasonable prices, they design and manufacture their product by themselves. I agree with their vision and mission, that’s the reason I would like to work in a company like this as a marketer. In order to become an outstanding marketer, I expect that I will be learning many skills such as problem solving, critical thinking and more skills that will be useful in the future. Beside that, I also expect that my presentation skill will improve and also my communicate skill. It’s not just personal skill, teamwork will be important too, because work as a team, can help develop and improve communication skills. Some of the members might come out with something that they might not expect before. Part B- Team Formation Today, we formed a group of five people and a mix of students in each team. The team was formed by our lecturer and we’ll be working for the rest of the semester. Before the group formed we were asked to complete a team roles quiz......

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...According to the Business Dictionary online a marketer is defined as “a person whose duties include the identification of the goods and services desired by a set of consumers, as well as the marketing of those goods and services on behalf of a company.” Being a marketer isn’t just about advertising goods. There is a lot more depth than just that, in order to be good at selling a product you must know the four P’s that relate to marketing. They are Product, Promotion, Place and Price. Marketer’s main job is to sell a product. Marketers must understand what customers actually wants out of there product. This helps them with promoting the product, thus allowing the business to sell it onto the customer. Knowing the product inside and out is a good attribute of a marketer. In order for a product to retain its competitiveness in the market, continuous product development is required innovation as well as differentiation in marketing strategies, allowing marketers to differentiate a product from its competitors. In order to sell a product marketers must understand who you are selling to. Marketers must identify different segments in the market in order to promote their product to specific target markets. This helps them to develop a strong marketing campaign that has a positive effect on the company’s sales. The marketing textbook ‘marketing, theory, evidence, practice has a good example of why identifying a target market is necessary. “Myer shoppers are not very different......

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