Masking Poor Communication

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Masking Poor Communication

R. Coleman
COMM 200
Kyle Ferguson
September 8, 2014

Most recently I had an issue with my mother regarding my sister temporarily staying at my place. Prior to my sister coming to the city I had explained to her that I did not have the room to accommodate her and my nephew so she would have to stay somewhere else, but I had no problem with her staying a few nights if she wanted to. My sister arranged for her and her son to stay with another sister. However, once she arrived there, she felt like her home was uninhabitable for her to stay; I agreed that she could stay over for a few days until she worked on other options.
In the meantime, she had already had her belongings coming from Tampa, Fl. Once my mother informed her that her things would be arriving the following day, she decided to go to New York to visit with friends and leave the responsibility on me to decide where her things would go. I had no room for them to come in my apartment once they were off the truck. My feeling was that since my sister had decided she no longer wanted to live with my mother and move from Tampa to Houston, TX, she then made the choice to be responsible for herself. Having to decide where she was going to live and making sure her things got there was not my responsibility and I did not want to do it while she went to NY and to me, did not care what happened to her things.
My mother yelled at me and accused me of being selfish and not wanting to help my sister. She completely misunderstood my point of view on the issue, and I felt that she was giving my sister a pass to be lazy and irresponsible. Throughout all the communication we had, my sister chose to hang up on both my mother and I when we tried to convince her that this was something she needed to handle. For a moment I thought my mother was on my side and understood me until she became…...

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