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VAM2132 - Manufacturing materials:
Laboratory 1

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High Pressure die Casting: Aluminium

High Pressure Die Casting Aluminium:

High Pressure Die Casting (HPDC) is an industrial metal casting process categorized by forcing molten metals under high pressure in a mould cavity. Mould cavity is made of two hardened tool steel dies which have been properly machined into desired shape and work similarly to an injection during the process. HPDC is most widely used casting process for aluminium casting alloys.

There are two types of HPDC: Hot-chamber and Cold-chamber die casting. Variations on these two types include: 1. Hot-chamber die casting: is the more popular of the two die casting processes. In this process, the cylinder chamber of the injection device is completely dipped in the molten metal immersion. A gooseneck metal feed system draws the molten metal into the die cavity.

Fig. 02 Hot Chamber High pressure die casting.

Direct immersion in the molten bath allows for quick and appropriate mould injection, it also results in increased corrosion proneness. Due to this point, the hot-chamber die casting process is best appropriate for applications that utilize metals with low melting points and high fluidity. Good metals for the hot-chamber die casting process include lead, magnesium, zinc and copper. 2. The cold-chamber die casting process is very similar to hot-chamber die casting. With a design that emphases on minimizing machine corrosion rather than production productivity, the melted metal is automatically or hand-ladled into the injection system. This eliminates the need for the injection mechanism to be submerged in the pool of molten metal.

Fig. 03 Cold Chamber Die casting:
Cold-Chamber die casting can be an alternative for…...

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