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Media that depicts an instance of intercultural communication can give a good insight in other cultures and their values. By analyzing my media selection, I will describe the preferred personality and the relationship between humans and nature in Germany. At first I will give a brief description of each topic and then I will illustrate how the particular pictures are regarding to it.
I tried to find appropriate pictures on the web that describe the topics best. The first three pictures refer to the preferred personality.
There are three different kinds of personality. Those are “doing”, “growing” and “being” orientation. “Doing” orientation, which is the most common one in the United States and also in Germany, emphasizes productivity. The “growing” orientation emphasizes spiritual growth. This orientation is not really widespread, merely in some Asian cultures. The third solution emphasizes “being” and stresses on who you are. In my opinion, this is an important part of German culture as well.
Germans are stereotypically hard-working, productive and efficient. Germany is well known for its car companies like Mercedes, BMW and Volkswagen. The first picture shows people working on an assembly line in a Porsche plant. Porsche is part of the Volkswagen group, as well as Audi, MAN, Bentley, Bugatti, Ducati, Lamborghini, Seat and Škoda. In 2012, it produced the third-largest number of motor vehicles of any company in the world, behind General Motors and Toyota. This picture is from an article of the German newspaper “Die Welt”. According to that article the German employees are indeed more efficient than their colleagues in France and Italy. The labor productivity and the unit labor costs are above-average in comparison to the other European countries.
Germany is obviously “doing” oriented, but in contrast to that stands the German gemütlichkeit. This is the…...

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