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R Medical Imaging Radiation

The impact of technology in today’s society has increased overtime. Different forms of technology have changed dramatically over the years, the way we now use technology is different to the way it was used before. Everything we do in our days has technology involved in it whether it is in school, work, health and work.
People’s view towards the amount of technology that is now involved in our daily lives is different from others and its consequences. Some it’s good but others argue saying it ruins life’s and our perspective towards things. Medical imaging has effects on radiation in the human body which is brought up by the change of technology. Medical imaging such as CT scans, X-rays, ultra sounds and MRI scans which are used in procedures to view the different types of areas in the human body and provide important information for specialists. These procedures present both benefits and risks of using medical imaging; they have helped improve diagnoses and treatments of different types of medical issues. Before there was not much technology in our society meaning there were not such machines, now that technology has grown and brought different type of medical imaging doctors are now able to dictate and have a open understanding of the diagnoses. Studies and researched information have shown that medical imaging is causing radiation to our body ‘The Research Established of the Australian Atomic Energy Commission, established in 1953, has always been concerned with the biological effects of radiation on people’ ( ASTEC 1981,97). Many tests being done in the medical world are using variety types of machines causing different types of movement in

our body. At the time when you are getting tests done or getting check ups we don’t seem think of the effect that its going to have in our health…...

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