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The Chilean Cooper Mine cave in 2010 trapping 33 workers for 17 days 2,300 feet underground was a tragic accident that they could have been prevented if the company would have had a strategic business plan in place for this type of crisis ("Chile Mining Accident (2010)", 2011). A crisis management plan is crucial to have in a mining company, but every company large or small should have one.
No business plans on encountering a situation that cause’s a disruption in their day to day business or laws suits against the company. However, that doesn’t mean businesses shouldn’t make a crisis management plan for if and when such incidents occur. A crisis management plan is a basic guide to providing a response system to how to handle these types of situations. This consists of step by step processes and policies for the company and the employee’s to follow. This will allow the employee’s to know what information they can and cannot release to the press, customers and employee family members regarding the crisis. This will also assist in how the company should address the issue in a timely efficient manner with minimal damage to the company.
A crisis management plan consists of six steps; Predict, Position, Prevent, Plan, Persevere and evaluate (Miller, 2005-2011). Predict means to plan for the worst. Anticipate what types of issue’s could occur and identify them. Step two, Position, decide what position the company will take on each issue. Step three, Prevent, take steps to prevent these issues from ever occurring, whether that be new equipment, safety training and safety policies. Step four, plan, in case the preventative measure’s do not work create a plan of action of how the company will handle…...

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