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Within these teams that are being developed there are always going to be instances of conflict that will arise. It is important to understand and know how to handle these conflicts and what the different conflict management strategies are. Every conflict management strategy will also have its own set of strengths and weaknesses and by identifying them it will be easier to choose the correct one for the situation.
There are different methods for building and forming a team and there are five that were looked at in the formation of this team. The first method is a clear expectation of goals, a strength being that it offers much better efficiency at measuring objectives; however, it does not address communications and human relationships. There must be a definite part delineation of each group associate since each individual in the group must know the part he or she is supposed to perform in the group with regards to the parts of the other individuals and group associates.
Each associate must understand where and how he or she fits into the group. The other strategy is addressing the channels of communication. Strengths are that knowledge and bonding are developed that assists in developing associations but efficiency and accomplishment can suffer because much importance is given to associations. There must be a developed and open method of interaction between all the associates of the group including the group leader. This will develop a working environment where associates of the group would know that each person is there to listen and talk about their problems private and professional. Without free and unfettered interaction, team creation would never result in efficient group. Another strategy used is conflict resolution with the advantage being that this helps to resolve issues and teaches the associates how to improve on this skill for upcoming group…...

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