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While national news media continue to focus on race in Ferguson, Missouri, where a white police officer shot and killed an unarmed black teenager, they apparently don’t think a similar case in Utah with the races reversed is that newsworthy.

According to several media outlets the shooting death of Michael brown on August 9, 2014 in Fergusson, Missouri. Mike Brown an unarmed black teenage male was shot and killed by a white Police Officer Darren Wilson causing a uproar of riots, protest and discussion of police brutality and racism in United States. This incident gained national attention on social media, it was broadcast on television and newspaper worldwide. The facts and the circumstances of Mike Brown shooting incident still under federal and local investigation yet it resulted in protests and civil disorder and it also attracted attention of civil rights leaders, Celebrities, athletes, and the president of the United States also made a comment regarding this incident.

According to the Washington times in salt Lake City, Utah Mr. Dillon Taylor 20 years old white male was exiting a 7-eleven with his brother and cousin when officers arrived into investigate of a person with a gun call in the area. Mr. Taylor whom was unarmed and wearing headphones at the time ignored officer’s command and he was shot by the officer who is African American. Mr. Taylor’s friends and family held protest outside of state and federal offices demanding justice.

Mr. Taylor incident occurred 2 days after the high profile case of Mike Brown in Ferguson but yet it didn’t receive half of the attention from the media Mike Brown case did. The case appears to be identical two unarmed young man gunned down by the police just two days apart with a few roles reversed some view this discrepancy in media coverage as double standard others reverse racism.

As similar as both case appear…...

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