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1. What is the movie about?

Mississippi Burning is movie that’s based on true incidents. It is about the segregation and racism in the Southern States and a great example of KKKs racist actions. In 1964 two FBI agents have been sent down to the southern states to investigate the disappearing of three civil rights activists, which were last seen in a small town in Mississippi. As the two agents have different backgrounds they tend to handle things dissimilar. The younger agents name is Alan Ward, and he does everything by the book. He’s much tensed about his job, and takes everything serious. He’s also officially the leader of the operation. The older agent is Rupert Anderson, and he’s much more relaxed in general. As he’s raised in a small village in Mississippi he understands the culture in a way Alan wouldn’t. A lot of black peoples churches gets burned down, and several murders are committed, all signed by the KKKs burning cross. It gets a larger twist of drama when the older agent, Rupert, gets a sensual relationship with the sheriff’s deputy’s wife. When they find the car which the missing activists were driving, and get brutally assaulted, Alan calls in for backup, lots of it. It starts looking really bad for the agents, but when things start getting personal for Rupert then the tides turn. One by one they either trick or use severe methods against the worst KKK members. Once one has spoken, then the remaining bastards eventually get caught. The movie ends with a slideshow of the sentences the KKK members got.
2. Who do you think are the heroes of the movie - and why?
In my eyes it is Anderson who is the hero. Because that he does what it takes to find proves that can help them on this case, Anderson is even breaking the law, and he makes a sensual relationship with the sheriffs’ wife. He’s doing that so he can get information out of her, but after…...

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