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TK Multimedia can provide well designed, quality web sites at reasonable prices. We can help you make a great presentation on the internet by using pre-designed templatesor creating a special custom design, expertly tailored to your company's needs. Custom designs can include anything from Flash animation, Javascript Rollovers, Dynamic HTML or any other features that you require.

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Your videographer will arrive two hours before the time of the ceremony. After set-up, some getting ready and behind the scenes footage will be shot. * Your DVD will be approx. 1 hour long and will have a menu (scene selection). * A short 2-5 minute highlights video for Facebook / Youtube / E-mail to guests. * Photo slideshow. * Behind the scenes – getting ready footage. * All footage taken on the day will be given to you, unedited, on tape. * Short messages from family and friends. * Full colour printed copies of your DVD with a graphics designed label. * Any other footage that you specify. * Background music

Our commitment to quality
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...comparison between mobile based learning technology with face-to-face as a teaching method of Accounting Information System’, Global Conference and Finance Proceedings, Volume 9, Number 1. Authors conducted a study on the mobile-based teaching method to test if it will improve the student’s performance not only in technical skills but also in personal skills in learning Accounting Information System. The study was an exploratory research to develop a mobile learning application of Accounting Information Systems and test on the AIS mobile learning application made using the quasi-experimental research design. A pre-test exam was conducted where 50 accounting students who have completed Accounting Information Systems (AIS) courses were provided 20 randomly selected multiple-choice questions from 30 available questions with topic of data warehouse. The research result showed that before the student use mobile technology, their performance was not as expected. This pre-test result will then be compared with their exam score after taking advantage of the mobile learning application program which is still not published to date. The study reveals that the education system until now is mostly done by traditional face-to-face between students and educators with a shift in learning paradigm from conventional to sophisticated learning using technology. The development of ICT had clearly improved the education method in classrooms. On the other hand, Mobile devices or mobiles......

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...ALZUBI Contact Details  Address  Mobile No. : +60123516105.  Email : W-25-06 AXIS SOHU@AXIS PANDAN JLN Cempaka TMN Cempaka 68000 Kuala Lumpur, selangor 68000 . : Personal Particulars  Name : Mohammad Mahmoud Saleem Alzubi.  Date of Birth : 14 /02/ 1986.  Nationality : Jordanian.  Gender : Male.  Marital Status : Married. Education and Qualification  Qualification : Doctorate of Information Systems .  Field of Study: Management Information Systems.  University : USIM University, Malaysia. 1  Qualification : Master's Degree.  Field of Stud : Automated Systems Software.  University : National Mining University.  Grade : (Good).  Graduation Year : 2011.  Qualification : Bachelor Degree.  Field of Study : Computer Science.  Grade  University  Graduation Year : (Good). : National Mining University. : 2009-2010 Experiences  2013. Research Assistant, USIM University, Malaysia  2015-Now. Trainer in MIS Field (Workshop, Centers.) Publishing 1. Mohammad, A., Jail, M., & Faryadi, Q., (2014). Limitations of m-learning service effect on student in Islamic science university of Malaysia. International Conference on (pp. 440143). IEEE. 2 2. Mohammad, A., Jail, M., & Faryadi, Q., (2015). Acceptance of M-learning Services among Malaysian Higher Education.......

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...What’s a mobile phone virus? A mobile phone virus or mobile malware - malicious mobile software - is a computer virus specifically adapted for the mobile phone environment and designed to spread from one vulnerable phone to another. A virus is a program code that replicates by being copied to another program. Viruses can be transmitted as attachments to an email or in a download file. Some viruses take effect as soon as their code is executed; other viruses can lie dormant. A virus that replicates by resending itself as an email attachment or as a part of a network message is known as a worm. Viruses can range from benign to quite harmful; they can erase data from the infected phone or send fake messages purporting to be from the phones owner. How prevalent are mobile phone viruses? The current security risk from mobile phone viruses and worms is low. Until many more smart phones or PDAs are in use, and users of these phones are regularly exchanging executable files, the risk will remain low. The mobile industry takes the threat of viruses very seriously and is continually monitoring its networks and working to protect users from any future risk from mobile phone viruses. There are also some simple measures that individual users can implement to protect themselves. What can I do to protect my phone? The following tips can help prevent problems with viruses on your phone: 1. Switch to Bluetooth hidden mode. If your phone has Bluetooth capability,......

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