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Dear Mr. Williams:
Too many commission checks and bonus’s get cashed, spent and forgotten about. The necessities of the average worker seems to eat up the extra cash, and prevents one from getting something special for themselves. Many employers feel that this is the way to go, in reference to monetary rewards for employees to work harder or even to work more efficiently. Many employers are now seeing that believing in the “monetary rewards” are costing them valuable time, revenue, and even employees. It is true that money and a solid compensation plan draws an individual to become of a corporation; however, monetary rewards is not always the answer, or in many cases not the best answer when it comes to retaining an employee. I hope to give you some ideas on what will help motivate employees without raising their pay. Some of the retaining notions I feel will work are recognition, appointed leadership roles, and increasing company and office moral. The first idea for motivating employees is recognition. This is very important because when your employee accomplishes something that means they have achieved something. The recognition is appreciation of that achievement. Many members of management don’t give enough or sometimes don’t give any recognition. In addition, applause from time to time would be nice for specific achievements. The applause could take place at a meeting, luncheon, or even in the office. To back up applause, employees could be presented with a plaque or certificate that states the specified accomplishment. By doing so, the employee will feel valued and will continue to put forth an effort. Moreover, on the spot praise is in my opinion the most effective way when recognizing excellent work. This works best smaller accomplishments that could be forgotten prior to the…...

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...person should have the right to be a self-appointed moral guardian. Everyone has different morals and different aspects on life, if this would happen it would be a dictatorship basically. Every person in the universe is entitled to their opinions and should not have to be judged based off of their opinions. For instance, in “The Possibility of Evil”, Helen Crane has a six month baby girl and spoilers her because that is way Mrs. Crane wants her child to feel, but Miss. Strangeworth (a very opinionated old lady) does not think that her baby should be treated as a princess. By taking someone’s moralities away that person’s one individualism. People who do this are bullies and tyrants. Stephen Vizinczey articulates, ““Dictatorship is a constant lecture instructing you that your feelings, your thoughts and desires are of no account, that you are a nobody and must live as you are told by other people who desire and think for you.” Dictators are a form of a self-appointed moral guardian. They believe that they should be able to have full power of what people do, think and believe in. Totalitarians force people into accepting their morals and what they think what is right and wrong. When Hitler was in charge of Germany in 1939 got people believe that polish people were scum of the earth and people followed him. All in all, no one should have the right to choose what people have to have faith in. If we judge people by their morals or their aspects on life we will never really......

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...outline, explain and critically discuss the strengths and weaknesses of moral relativism. Every choice we make is due to each person’s individual morality and rationality. In this view, Norman (1988: 188) contends that, “Morality is premised on the assumption of individual responsibility.” Morality is concerned with the free choice of rational human beings, and not the non-rational. Louis (2002:28) further adds that morality, “Is just the set of common rules, habbits, and customs that have won social approval over time so that they seem part of things, like facts.” Moral relativism shows that there are no absolute moral rules and each situation needs to be examined individually. Therefore moral relativism is the belief that morality does not relate to any absolute standards of right and wrong but good and bad are dependent on culture and circumstance or judgment paradigm. Thus different moral truths hold for different people from society to society or at different periods in time. The fact that some people see moral relativism as an obvious truth which is undeniable needs no preamble. Needless to mention, others perceive moral relativism as threatening to the moral foundation on which society is founded. According to moral relativists there is nothing that is absolutely, invariably right or wrong, and there is no universal standard by which to measure our character or our actions. According to moral relativism, it is never true to say simply that a certain kind of......

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Moral issues. Using a cell phone is harmful to human body. If a student gets brain tumours or cancer how they can continue for their study. Cell phone not only will influence an academic achievement of student, it also wills harmful human health. CO-CURICULAR Advantages of co curriculum  Co curriculum important although it only contributes 10% Students’ achievement in co-curricular activities is important although in terms of weight age for university admission, it only contributes 10% compared to the 90 % for academic achievement. | | The Deputy Minister of Higher Education, Dato’ Saifuddin Abdullah said that co curriculum is important for building the character and personality of students as well as equipping them with high moral values. He said that tertiary education does not focus on academics alone but on the contrary covers other aspects including communication skills, ethics, team work, professionalism and others. “So, beginning this academic session, the Ministry with the collaboration of all the universities will start to evaluate soft skills as an important element for admission into institutions of higher learning,” he said. He said this at a press conference after presenting his speech and witnessing the Oath-taking ceremony in conjunction with the ceremony to welcome Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) students for the 2010/2011 academic session here today. Also present at the ceremony were Chairman of the University Board of Directors,......

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...Introduction Group counseling is a form of therapy which posits that people benefit from shared experiences. Usually focused on particular issue and it allows one to find out that they are not alone in their type of life challenge. This proposal is about drug use, crime and incarceration of Maldives. And this proposal is focused on Maldives Police service and to help them about their work of making productive youths of the country. Currently Maldives police services are focused to decrease the crime rate and prevent crimes in all over the Maldives. One of the challenges they are facing is drug use. According to them drug use is the main crime that people force to attempt other crimes. Rationale: Description of the group The group will consist of ten group members ranging in ages of 18 – 30 years, of both men and women among the people of incarceration. The group will meet once a week for twenty weeks. The reason of choosing this group is because the connection between drug use and crime is well known. Drug use is implicated in at least five types of drug-related offenses. 1. Offenses related to drug possession or sales 2. Offenses directly related to obtaining drugs (e.g., stealing to get money for drugs) 3. Offenses related to a lifestyle that includes association with other offenders or with illicit markets 4. Offenses related to abusive and violent behaviors, including domestic violence and sexual assault 5. Offenses related to driving......

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