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The Moonshining Culture
Who here has either seen or heard of the show Moonshiners off the Discovery channel? In the show these moonshiners refer to what they do as part of their “heritage and culture.” I being a big fanatic of the show have decided to research this “heritage.” It turns out, the people in the show were right. Moonshining is a very vast and unique culture that’s roots date back to the early 1800’s. Moonshiners have their own region, lifestyle, and mark on history.
I. The moonshining culture and practice all started and remains in the Appalachian Region of the United States. A. There are some reasons behind the choosing of this location. 1. For one, it is a region that is mostly rural and covered by woodlands.
a. Because the practice is illegal. The trees and low population gives moonshiners the advantage of being undetected by people and the law.
2. Along with the advantage of being discrete. This land is also perfect for making moonshine.
a. First off, the ingredients to making moonshine can be grown naturally within the land.
1. These ingredients include corn meal, yeast, water, malt, and sugar
b. The second advantage to the landscape is the vast amount of flowing rivers found within the region.
1. These flowing rivers are necessary in order to both cool down and run through the stills.
II. Moonshiners also have a very unique lifestyle. A. They are strong believers in their values. 1. They are a very hard working and tough kind of people. 2. They strongly believe in what they do.
a. They see moonshining as a family tradition and believe they are impacting America in a positive way by keeping an old tradition alive. B. These moonshiners live life very differently than most Americans. 1. Some choose to live off the land and not rely on government or businesses.
2. Most moonshiners live in…...

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