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Engineer plus Business Administrator with over three decades of multifarious and cross functional experience in Overall administration, Operations, Project Management, Marketing & Sales, with concrete achievements in every area of operations handled, be it Training and Placements, business development, Projects; having proven leadership, motivation and communication abilities. Keen to add value to the Students of Your Esteemed Institute by adopting innovative ideas & practical side of learnings.


2011 – Present Consultant for Training, developing and delivery of Modules for Soft skills and Job Orientation. (Promote Careers, Gurgaon),

2010 – 2011 Head Department of Training and Placement, G B Pant Engg. College, (Govt of Delhi) at Okhla Ph 3, N Delhi 110020

• The College was established in 2007 and 2011 is the Flagship batch. Took reigns of the deptt. in Aug 2010 and built it from scratch - the Placement Brochure, understanding Students capability and Quick action plan to orient them for Industry employability. • Enabled and empowered the Students & Established Brand image. • Secured Historic placement Track at National Level – for flagship batch of equitable institutions 150+% Placements, 3.6L/A avg CTC..
2008 – 2010 Head Operations, for Overall backend Operations. Innovative Solutions. A strategy & Biz consulting, Manpower sourcing for BFSI, Investment Advisory for BPO/KPO
1999 – 2008 Management Consultant, Executive Director & Mentor A Hi-end MCAD start-up Co., for Planning & Dev./ HR/ BD/ Projects & QC/ Logistics/ Accounts/Admin/Overall Operations. • Walked the talk for 10 times revenue growth, Established Value for Money Training System, Emphasis on Export…...

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